Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Supplement (astrology free)

I am sick, sick, sick of reading depressing news stories! Health Care Reform/Deform, COP 15/SOP 15, all made ten times worse by on-line articles and sniping among commenters, not to mention some morbid prognostications by astrologers.

As our President once said: ENOUGH!

Now for something completely different.

I like vintage American pin-up art, don't know why, I just do. Those illustrators often painted in accordance with the season, in fact much of their work was produced for use on calendars. So.... (Note to feminists: please avert your eyes and retreat!)

From Esquire (1939), “Personally, I’m willing to close my eyes to Reverend Thornton’s methods - after all, the basket fund has already doubled last year’s record.” (By Campbell.)

Two by the pin-up daddy of 'em all: Alberto Vargas

Two by unknown artists

By Wendi Egan (copy) - I suspect of a Gil Elvren original.

AND ....Elvira

Hmmmm - finally ~~~


anyjazz said...

Good post. You know when all the politics and business greed starts to get to me, I just read the funny papers for a while.

The old air brush pin-up artists were right. Keep it light hearted and happy.

It won't make any of the gloom go away but it will put one in a better spirit for handling it.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~ Thanks. Yes, I've noticed you with the funnies quite often. :-)

I think pin-up art is vastly under-rated - the best of it at least, like Vargas, Moran, Elvren, Petty etc. Feminist sensibilities got in its way, I guess.