Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shepard Smith ~ Fair & Balanced

Shepard Smith of Fox News is keeping the flag of reason flying in the face of some of the most unreasonable talking heads I've ever seen on TV, on either side of the Atlantic. I first noticed Smith last year, took a look at his natal chart - see this post.

His time of birth isn't available. This chart is set for noon, the rising sign isn't accurate, and the Moon's degree remains unknown, though it will be in Capricorn whatever the exact time. For rising sign, I'd take a stab at Libra- his wide apart eyes, good looks and "fair and balanced" approach. But that'simply a wild guess.

He has a nice balance of Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn represents the status quo, the old guard - Republican thinking. Aquarius represents change, social awareness, the avant garde, more modern mindset - left-wing politics. Although Shepard Smith is a highly paid employee of the most right-wing TV channel there is, he's not afraid to voice opinions (and in no uncertain manner) which, at times, conflict with the "party line". I see this as a clear reflection of his natal Capricorn/Aquarius cluster.

Two good examples came up last week.

1.Re: Torture:

2. Re: E-mails from right-wing fanatics with guns

Way to go, Mr. Smith !!


anthonynorth said...

Some guys in the media still use commonsense, but give the producers time - they'll get rid of them.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Maybe. If Fox ejects Shepard Smith though, there'll be a long line of others just waiting to grab him. :-)

Shawn Carson said...

Another fun story! The look on his face when he realized that he said a forbidden word is priceless! Smith's most striking features are his enthusiasm, excitement and passion that he brings to his job, illustrated by that new moon conjunct Mars, during a solar eclipse. He is very likable and funny.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~Oh well spotted! Yes, I missed noticing that eclipse.

I like him - I wish he'd get out from under Fox News and get him a chat show of his own - he'd be excellent.