Saturday, June 20, 2009

HEAD TO FOOT TRIVIA (+ Adam Lambert on Astrology)

Royal Ascot is an annual venue in Britain held ostensibly as a horse racing event, but traditionally famous for bringing out ridiculous celebrity hats, or, more accurately, ridiculous celebrities in hats. This week's Royal Ascot meeting brought forth its usual crop of inanities.
I reckon the hatters are missing a trick here though. Wouldn't a circular hat be ideal for a design based on an astrological chart, with little planets waving around it? I'll sell my idea to any interested hatter for a nominal sum of, say, er.... 6 figures!

Earlier this week I tuned in to an on-line chat session, sponsored by Comcast, with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. The presenter asked him questions posed by fans, one of which concerned his interest in astrology. Adam's response:

"I've always really just found it fascinating, and when I first started reading about my sign, which is Aquarius, I felt it was pretty accurate. Then, when I did my chart to find my rising and moon signs, I thought it was extremely accurate. And the more I do about other people's charts, I also saw they were very accurate. But I know we're a product of our environment, so that has to do with it, as well. We also tend to reflect the company we keep. So it's a little bit of everything."
Good! It's good when someone isn't afraid to voice their interest, and he seems to have a nice level-headed approach to the subject. His Aquarius/Aries Sun/Moon combination matches my own, as it happens.

Shoes. I've never really got to grips with the reason for foot fetishes - the link of feet and shoes to eroticism. Moderately high heels do flatter the legs, that's for sure, but current fads for ultra-high heels with platform soles and very ugly strapping up the ankle area puzzles me. It's a distinctly unflatttering trend, it visually cuts the line of the leg, and causes the wearer to assume a most ungainly and unsexy gait.

Astrologically Pisces rules the feet, Aquarius rules the ankles. For some time now we've have the rulers of Pisces and Aquarius, Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception ( that is travelling through each other's domains) - also we have currently another emphasis in the same area - Jupiter (exaggeration) joining Neptune in Aquarius. "As above, so below" - over-emphasis on the foot and ankle area?


Shawn Carson said...

I like your hat idea! A friend of mine once made me a beaded necklace in much the same manner, with different colored and sized beads representing the different planets, spaced around the necklace in the same proportion as they are in my horoscope. I wore that necklace all the time until I finally broke it. I gathered all of the pieces together and put them in a cup marked "Shawn's world" and gave it back to the artist to repair. Unfortunately, she never got around to the task, and i still miss that necklace. Then I asked her if she would make a prayer rug for me in the same manner, which she never did either! I like the idea that a horoscope can act as a sort of mandala that can be helpful for centering a person to their own unique energies, as reflected in their birth chart.

Wisewebwoman said...

Nicely done, T.
Head to ped in other words ;^)
Those hats take my breath away, espec the royals those hats are not flattering in any way.
As to the feet, even the ballet slippers look awkward (and painful on cobblestones!).
Plus ca change. We used to call those ballet slippers in all colours "Whispers."

anthonynorth said...

Ascot hats didn't seem to be on the news much this time in the UK. I guess the programmers had the Recession in mind.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ I like that idea too. It's much nicer (and a lot more accurate) than just the Sun sign symbol used as a pendant or pin, I think.

I used to like those bead bracelets, made with beads of various real semi-precious gemstones....they were popular 6 or 7 years ago. Each gemstone related to a particular concept - protection, energy etc.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Thanks! some of the hats on show (via Huffington Post last week) were horrendous and so unflattering. I dread to think what they cost. Celebrity hatters make tons of money from just this.

Yes, ballet slippers must be very uncomfortable too - but at least they serve a purpose in their true environment - I'm not sure where these high heeled horrors fit in to any environment. ;-(

Twilight said...

AN ~~ Oh, really? That's surprising. I got the info from Huffington Post, and assumed it had come via The Telegraph or, more likely one of the tabloids, bless 'em. ;-)