Friday, October 10, 2008

Shepard Smith of Fox News

Trying to limit keyboard and mouse time, in order to rest my frozen shoulder, I've been tuning in to a few late afternoon TV news programmes. I surprised myself by finding a news anchor I could tolerate, even enjoy, at of all places, Republican-leaning (leaning is really too restrained a description) Fox News. Newsman in question: Shepard ("Shep") Smith. Unlike some other Fox presenters he hasn't seemed overtly partisan, at least during the times I been watching. He's attractive, always a plus, and I find his voice has a rather addictive quality. But more than this, he seems like a genuinely nice and caring guy, with a ready sense of humour.

I've taken a look at his natal chart. No time of birth available so a 12 noon version has to suffice. This won't show an accurate rising sign or exact Moon position, but planets in signs will be accurate.

Aha! Three planets in Capricorn : Sun, Mercury and Moon (though Moon degree uncertain), and three in Aquarius : Mars, Saturn and Venus. That takes care of most personal planets, apart from Jupiter, and it lies at 12 Aries (same degree as my own Saturn - maybe that's why I've taken a liking to his style.) His basic nature then is a mix of Capricorn and Aquarius, signs traditionally ruled by Saturn, but in modern astrology Uranus has taken over rulership of Aquarius. He's what I call a Saturn Hybrid (see here). He has all the seriously conservative down to earth attitude of Capricorn, blended with Aquarius's modern outlook and a dash of quirkiness, a good blend in a newsman. It'd be really interesting to know his rising sign. I'd guess either Taurus or Libra rising (both ruled by Venus. Shepard Smith has those wide-apart eyes and attractive features often found in Venus people. He doesn't have the angular cragginess associated with Capricorn, so his looks don't come from his Sun sign.

When reporting serious or sad news items Shepard Smith's voice takes on a soft compassionate tone, calming and reassuring. It was this which first caught my attention, I think it was as he was reporting on people who refused to leave Galveston before Hurricane Ike hit. Chiron(The Wounded Healer) in compassionate Pisces opposing Uranus and Pluto in critical Virgo might have something to do with this facet of his nature.

Mercury (communications planet) in Capricorn trines Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and squares Jupiter in Aries. More reflection of a serious and critical side often obvious when he interviews guests who continually prevaricate, but which is at times challenged by his unexpected ability to see and express the funny side of certain news stories.

I'd like to see Mr.Smith moderating a presidential debate - my wish is shared by Bob Sassone at TV Squad, who says:

"Shepard Smith (FOX News). Here's another guy who often asks the questions that viewers want answered, and asks them in the (way) we would ask them too. I also have the feeling that although he would be professional about the debate, he'd be funny and snarky too."

It's too late now to see Mr Smith hosting a debate this year, perhaps by 2012 they'll need some new faces to replace the elders we've seen doing the job this time around.

Here's Shepard Smith telling about one of his e-mail correspondents:


anthonynorth said...

It's very rare to get a good news anchor nowadays. But when you do, they can bring the news to life.

Anonymous said...

this ass-tronomy crap is so dum. thos of u who want serious shep talk come to my dummer web bored.
mary tsr

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Very true :-)

Twilight said...

anonymous ~~~ Did anyone force you to visit my blog? Did they sit you down in front of the computer and make you read? No, of course not. The remedy is very simple. Concentrate on your own site or those written by people of a similar mind.

R J Adams said...

Invariably, these "anon" commentators exhibit a lack of brain cells by the quality of their English language. Poor sucker probably never had an 'edicashun'.

As for Shepard - why you're just a sucker for a pretty face! ;-)

(Actually, he is one of their better newsmen.)

Dunyazade said...

This was Extremy Funny! ROFLOL!


God, I wish I had a "Patricia", lol!

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ Pretty faces are okay - it's usually the voice I latch on to first. I lurve a good male voice. ;-)

Twilight said...

dunyazade ~~~ Hi!

Glad it entertained! Yes, we should all have "a Patricia".

Anonymous said...

I'm a health care worker taking care of a 83 year old. Her an I watch Shepard every day an have fallen in love with him. We think he so pretty an keeps us so informed of the latest. We love his voice anj just everything about him we were wondering if he is married an has children. Well it just makes our afternoon when he comes on please stay forever

Twilight said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for visiting, and for your comment.
I try to watch him for a while each evening. He seems to be the fairest of all the Fox news people - and the prettiest by far!