Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I got me a Twitter account a short time ago, but it remained dormant. I've picked it up again to "follow" one or two Twitterers whose tweets I felt might be of interest. I have to say though that I don't feel at all "in the zone" or on Twitter's wavelength yet. Maybe the stars are not aligned for me at present. Mercury, the communications planet is travelling through Gemini - great for communication in general, but not for me in particular. I don't have Gemini emphasis in my natal chart. It could well be a better astro-atmosphere for me when Mercury reaches Virgo in a month or so. I have Mercury hooked up in a Grand Trine with Neptune and Uranus in Earth signs.

I've been reading up how best to use Twitter. There's some good advice around the net. I'll link to a couple of examples at the end of this post, in case a passing reader might find it useful.

Having waded through several helpings of advice though, I still feel.....I don't know....pretty worthless Twitter-wise. Who would want to follow me in 140 character bites? I'll follow a handful of well known people out of curiosity, or to pick up information about upcoming TV shows or concerts, or political rallies. I have no such interesting tidbits to promulgate to the Great Unwashed. Maybe a few potential new blog readers, who could accidentally stumble upon my tweets, would emerge if I were to tweetingly "pimp" Learning Curve on the Ecliptic. But astrology isn't univerally appreciated, and I could get myself labelled as some kind of weirdo, tinfoil hat-wearing twit, when venturing outside of our cloistered astrology-blogging world. (Slapped hands! Re-read your yesterday's post, Twilight!)

I'll continue treading the Twitter waters, perhaps something will occur to me as to how best to proceed - whether 'tis nobler to dive right in... or not.

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Wisewebwoman said...

I'm on Twitter as you know T but it doesn't hold the same fascination for me as it does my daughter who twitters endlessly to other profs and enviro geeks, she thinks it an incredible asset. Me? Not much, I tried with workshops, etc but my age group is just not there. Like FB.

anthonynorth said...

Have you tried going to 'home' and entering 'astrology' in search on the sidebar? You then get all the latest tweets with the word in them. I've just done it for the last fifteen minutes worth. A lot condemn it, but there were several links that may have been of interest.
They are now lost in Twitter-time, which moves fast, but doing this several times a day may well come up with some good stuff - and plenty of things to make you think, get you angry ... join the debate.
Or maybe I'm just twittering :-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ I try to ignore what my age group is - it's easier on-line than in real life, of course. ;-)

I read that a big proportion of users just follow others to acquire information - news as it happens for instance. I still think Twitter's a medium at its best for those on the move, to keep in touch while away from home or office.

I'll play along for a while longer.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ I think i tried that once, briefly on my first day on Twitter, but wasn't really in the mood to explore properly. I'll try it again. Thanks for the tip. :-)

I've read that others see Twitter as a way to "use" a different side of yourself from your usual on-line presence. I like that idea, but can't yet settle on what my "other side" is. :-D