Sunday, October 26, 2008

Voting Signs

If the signs of the zodiac were personified, and were to vote in an election, how would each proceed to make choices? The following are not intended to relate to a person's Sun sign especially, but if a passing reader can recognise themself in any of the descriptions, or in a combination of them, it's an indication of the sign's(s') energies coming through loud and clear.

ARIES....Likely to choose early and vote early - knows what's what well ahead of time.

TAURUS.... Choice made after taking into consideration which candidate offers most safeguards and likelihood of improvement for savings and material possessions.

GEMINI.... Available choices discussed at length with friends and relatives, likely to change mind at least once in the process.

CANCER....Main consideration: a candidate to whom the family could relate on a personal level, appreciates a candidate with old fashioned family values.

LEO....It takes one to know one - surveys the candidates first and foremost for signs of a true leader and chooses accordingly.

VIRGO......Has carefully researched voting records and history of each candidate before making a choice.

LIBRA....The consummate swing voter - has difficulty in discarding either candidate, can see points in favour of both.

SCORPIO....relies strongly on intuition, once voting direction is chosen, is unlikely to budge.

SAGITTARIUS.... imagines the best, most optimistic future scenario and votes for the candidate with policies which offer a possibility of bringing it to reality.

CAPRICORN....Similar to Taurus, and with an eye on how choice will affect business matters.

AQUARIUS....Choice made based on which candidate is more forward-looking and likely to best serve the needs of ordinary people.

PISCES....Had a dream on the eve of the election and votes accordingly.

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And.... a passing reader might wish to take a couple of minutes to watch this brief video. As the friend who passed it on to us remarked, "You don't see something like this every day!" These are not your usual political activist celebrities, though they will probably be familiar faces to most in the United States.

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die


Anonymous said...

Hello Twilight,

I'm a passing reader from Old Blighty - specifically West Yorkshire, England. I'm Aquarian like yourself and would agree that I would choose the forward thinking candidate (assuming I could vote in the US, which of course I can't) and the one that can do something for the common people.

Back here in the UK, David Cameron has started using the word Change in everything he says and seems to be copying Obama's style etc so it will be interesting to see what happens when the US election is over and we go towards our next election anytime before May 2010.

It is fascinating how our Labour Party (Socialist/Democrat) got so close to Bush (Conservative) and now DC (Conservative) is cosying up to Barack Obama (Democrat)

We'll have to wait and see if the UK follows the US and votes for change (assuming you believe there is any change/difference between the 2 parties here, but that's for another discussion!)

I've enjoyed reading your blog and will come back to visit soon.


sasha_nc said...

mine came out as Scorpio. Of course, I have a Scorpio stellium, Mercury, Sun, Neptune, and Venus. My Sun and Neptune are conjunct at 13 Scorpio (Dob Nov 5) which is close to election day Sun. Throw in Leo Rising, 12th house Mars in Leo, and Saturn and Moon in Aquarius, I can't help myself - ;)


Twilight said...

Hello anonymous - thanks for visiting and commenting.

I haven't kept up with British politics since I've been in the USA, but from the little I've read I did notice a kind of swap of ideologies going on. Very odd!

Old Labour would have been more akin to Obama and Hillary Clinton's proposed policies. New Labour does seem to have lost its roots somewhere along the way.

It'll be interesting to watch how things develop.

Twilight said...

Hi! thanks for visiting and for your comment.

Wow! Yes, that's some line-up!
Happy voting!

anthonynorth said...

Well, I'm Aries. I'll leave it up to others to decide on this one :-)

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ now that's not very Aries of you. ;-) Your place is at the head of the queue!