Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Last Tarot Reading Before the Election

Coming up to Halloween, a time when it's said the veil between two worlds - ours and that beyond - becomes thin, and dissolves, I decided to try one more tarot reading asking my usual question "What do I need to know about the general election?" Perhaps, if there is a world beyond, a little help will be forthcoming at this time! My previous reading seemed a little inconclusive, but indicated that difficulties would be overcome. The final card of that reading (and the illustration on it) indicated a journey, which with hindsight could connect to Senator Obama's journey over water to visit his sick grandmother, something of which we were totally unaware at the time of that reading. I should have been braver and said "there will be a journey over water undertaken" - but it didn't seem to be relevant. I have to learn to trust the cards more!

Immediately I got out of bed this morning I shuffled the deck, cut it, and drew three cards. They appeared in the following order:

3 of Wands
10 of Coins
The Fool

Once again, I feel amazed that three cards from a deck of 78 can be so appropriate to the matter at hand.

The most important card here is The Fool, a card of the Major Arcana. It is in the position usually attributed to "the future" or "the outcome". The other two, minor arcana cards are the lead up, from past and present, or the background atmosphere.

Three of Wands signifies a time of watching and waiting to discover whether ideas and enterprises will bear fruit - literally from the illustration, waiting for the ships to come in.

10 of Coins denotes wealth and family. The culmination of an enterprise, which has brough success. The illustration shows a couple, their child and elderly relative, and a house, earned or inherited wealth. In this context perhaps the house is a literal house - The White House.

The Fool - The first card of the tarot's major arcana. Astrologically connected to Aries. The start of a cycle. There is an aura of innocent optimism here, that whatever lies ahead, all will be well. There's a feel of inexperience, or a willful ignoring of dangers to come, and blind faith that these can and will be overcome. The illustration tells a story quite clearly. The figure trips along his path happily, unaware of the precipice before him, the dog scampering beside him barks a warning, but the figure remains unperturbed, head thrown back, in confidence that nothing can harm his golden vision. There has to be a certain amount of ego here, and an unwillingness to heed warning signs, yet the overall feel of this card is exciting, optimistic, a new beginning.

I can see only a President Obama from this last card. It doesn't fit John McCain in any way at all. The new president will face many precipices, we must have faith, as he does, that all will be well, as we set out on the journey with him. That must be the message, I can see no other.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, all signs are auspicious, T. He will be president. I hope and pray he will be a good one.
He has got one hell of a mess on his hands.

Anonymous said...

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Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, it's a mess alright!
He'll have good people around him though. We need to keep hoping well past 4 November, too, and well past 20 January. "They" will not stop trying to discredit him and seeking his downfall in some way.

Twilight said...

xyle101 - Hi


Anonymous said...

Total BS! John McCain will be sworn in as president and will die in office and Sarah Palin will become president. Then Hillary will run again in 2012!

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ We shall see!
For all our sakes I hope the first part of your prediction is wrong.
The second part, about 2012, I could live with happily. We'd then get the president we were always meant to get, in my opinion! In the meantime, Obama will keep her throne warm! ;-)