Thursday, October 02, 2008

Exposure of an Aquarian/Alaskan Hybrid

Tonight's vice-presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin is bound to be in the news for days, maybe weeks, to come. Astrologers, pundits and experts have had their say on the subject of Sarah Palin, governor of one of the nation's most unspoiled, wild and remote states. Further attempt at serious comment by yours truly would be superfluous.

A couple of years ago we had fancied a trip to Alaska - until I investigated the likely cost of a vacation there, from Oklahoma. Instead we satisfied ourselves with a DVD set of the 1990's TV series "Northern Exposure", set in a fictional Alaskan town. We watched about half the set some time ago, then gave it a rest. Returning to it recently, with Sarah Palin's emergence in the meantime, the tales now have a slightly different significance. The quirky characters and unlikely, almost surreal storylines of "Northern Exposure" add a humorous edge to what some of us already see as high farce in the current Republican presidential ticket.

"Northern Exposure" is fiction, but often fiction has a kernal of fact embedded - it needs it to help readers relate to the story. So, I'm wondering whether her years in Alaska have infected Gov.
Palin with the same quirkiness of Alaskan natives portrayed in "Northern Exposure"? Or is her own quirkiness down to the cluster of five oddball Aquarian planets in her natal chart? She could be described as an Aquarian/Alaskan hybrid - the ultimate in quirkiness! I could easily see Ms Palin as a character (or caricature) in "Northern Exposure", should it ever be revived.

Anyway, I expect plenty of quirk will be on show in tonight's debate ! Joe Biden's likely reaction:


My opinion (for what it's worth): Biden won, Palin held her own but failed to exhibit any in depth knowledge on any subject relating to NATIONAL politics.
She kept reverting to her record in Alaska. I guess "you can take the gal out of Alaska, but you can't take Alaska out of the gal". Two big niggles from me - she should be trained not to say "NUKULAR" - we've seen this from Bush and how the comedians have mocked it - surely she could have been schooled not to follow suit - was it deliberate? If so it's even more ridiculous.
And "Eyerak" - makes me cringe. Give the nation, at the very least, the courtesy to pronounce its name correctly, as Biden did.


R J Adams said...

I've given up watching these farces that pass for 'debate'. If Jeremy Paxman or similar were in charge it might be worth seeing, but given the niceties, and demurely snide comments they allow themselves I'll content myself with the YouTube highlights.
As for Palin, one has only to ask, 'How would she fare in a British election?' to recognize that the sooner she returns to her moose-slaughtering in Alaska, the better it will be for all of us - well, apart from the moose, that is.

Wisewebwoman said...

I was reminded once again, T, of how grown up we are up here in the Great White North when the first debate amongst the five parties in this October General Election(for the first time Greens are represented, yay)took place around a round table and in French yet. No big important podiums, everyone equal, Harper coming off not so good on energy, etc.
I'm sure I'll get the lowlights of the Palin/Biden performance via Shakesville transcript.
Oh I so miss Hillary!

Twilight said...

It's just one farce after another this election season, isn't it RJ!
You couldn't make it up (or in Britain you couldn't, here they have a deal more imagination!)

Jeremy Paxman! Yes - I was trying to remember his name when I told my husband the very same thing you mention - all I could think of was "Julian" - the old memory bank is overflowing but still in alphabetical, order. LOL!

Palin would be a joke in the UK - ideal for Spittin' Image though!

TGFB - thank goodness for Biden.

Twilight said...

Very sophisticated, WWW. Gold Star to Canada! And in French too - tres chic!

Hillary is sorely missed, I agree.
I'm looking forward to hearing and watching Joe Biden tonight though.
We see too little of him, Palin has taken up most of the VP airtime in past weeks.

I've just been reading on Shakesville about Biden's work in relation to a Violence Against Women Act some years ago. As a commenter there said, he's more of a feminist than some female feminists. That can't be bad. :-)

anthonynorth said...

I certainly agree with RJ. It should be made compulsory for all politicians to be interviewed by Paxman when demanded. You still won't get the truth, but it would be fun watching them squirm :-)

By the way, your comment here recently about if we got rid of religion, would we invent something else prompted part of my today's post. You may enjoy it.

Twilight said...

Hi AN ~~~ It's true - there isn't anybody like Paxman on this side of the Atlantic, or if there is, he/she is not allowed on mainstream media, it would interefere with the brain-wash.

I'll be over to yours to check it out in a mo.

kaleymorris said...

I found it amusing when Palin referred to "Senator O'Biden."

Twilight said...

Hi kaleymorris~~~

Yes - there were a few chuckle-worthy moments.

I liked Biden's Jack Benny-like straight-faced glace directly into at the camera at one point when Palin was twittering on about something irrelevant. LOL!