Saturday, October 25, 2008

And so to Scorpio....

We slid into the zodiac sign of Scorpio while I wasn't looking! It doesn't seem more than two minutes since we leapt into Libra.

A few Scorpio keywords: passionate, perceptive, resourceful, possessive, psychological, secretive, determined, probing, focused, erotic. And I've noticed that astrologers and psychics often have a good helping of Scorpio in their natal charts. As well as the more commonly used scorpion as symbol, there's an alternative, oft forgotten - the eagle. These two symbols reflect the sign's positive and negative sides.

What can I say about my own experience of Scorpio? The sign holds a certain fascination for me, but I haven't been closely connected with many of its natives. I have known a couple of Scorpio Suns who went off and married two other Scorpio Suns. In both cases I rather unwisely used one of my favourite old cliches: "'ll save spoiling another couple!" The friendships were short-lived and a little uneasy.

I find the best way for me to appreciate Scorpio traits is remotely, via reading their work or being part of their audience. The writing style of Carl Sagan, Dennis Kucinich's speeches, kd lang's singing, all attract me and all have Scorpio strong in their natal charts. Their passion seeps through. Politcians with strong Scorpio traits inspire my trust - Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden spring to mind.

I have one or two Scorpio credentials myself: natal Mars in one of its traditional domiciles, Scorpio. Scorpio's modern ruler, Pluto in my natal first house, and Sun in 8th house, a Scorpio domain. North Node of the Moon in Scorpio. Those are mere accessories, they don't reflect clearly in my personality - or at least not in a way I can identify from my vantage point - inside. I think, though, that they might assist in my appreciation of others demonstrating characteristics of the sign.

Scorpio in art brings to mind the work of Sun Scorpios Jack Vettriano and Georgia O'Keefe. They demonstrated the sign's sexy and erotic nature in different ways, he by using obvious images, she by a more subliminal approach.

Jack Vettriano's "Round Midnight"

‘My paintings are about things I have done and things I wish I could do. They are about a bunch of sad, unhappy people who are driven by lust’ (Jack Vettriano)

"Georgia O'Keefe's work is known to often contain a vaginal motif. What is interesting, however, is the use of color and design in her work. The usage of color would normally indicate that the work was floral, and (this) painting does look like a flower. O'Keefe creates an image of the female form that is both erotic and sensual, without degrading or demeaning the female form as a whole."
See here

And.... of course, there's Picasso, another Sun Scorpio artist:


Wisewebwoman said...

Funny this post of yours, T. I had an immediate flash to J.J. Cale and thought he must be a Scorpio but no, his birthday is Dec 5.

I don't know why that was but one of his songs flashed into my head "After Midnight".

He is someone who has always intrigued me. Are you and/or Himself fans?
PS word ver is redandan - don't you love it!!

Twilight said...

I'm not familiar with JJ Cale's work, WWW. Himself says he likes some of his stuff, didn't seem wildly enthusiastic though - probably not jazzy enough for him!

I had a quick look at his chart, 5 Dec 1938 and he does have Venus in Scorpio - maybe that's what you sensed. :-)

sasha_nc said...

O'Keefe's Sun is conjunct my Venus within 2 degrees. 'Red Canna' is my favorite painting of hers.

Twilight said...

Hi again, sasha_nc

I like the Red Canna too, almost posted it in fact ! I like all her paintings, though. It was difficult to choose, so I chose one which most clearly fitted the Scorpio theme of eroticism.