Saturday, October 06, 2007

Three movie makers

I decided to take a look at the natal chart of Ken Burns, whose documentary TV series and DVD set "The War" is currently being screened/released in the USA. It's about World War 2 and how it affected Americans in particular.

We've seen Ken Burns interviewed a couple of times recently on TV - he looks very young to have such masterworks as "Jazz", "The Civil War", "Baseball" and many others under his belt. I was surprised to see that he is 54! His current documentary will educate younger viewers about the REAL horrors of war, and what it does to real people. I've bought the DVD set, it'll be difficult, but I believe necessary, viewing.

While looking at Ken Burns' 12noon chart (I couldn't find a birth time) something rang a bell in my memory bank. I checked back to the charts of movie makers Brian de Palma who I blogged about HERE and M.Night Shyamalan HERE.

There are definite similarities in these charts. Although the types of movies these men make are quite different, they do all work with film. I'll list the similarities I see, then copy the three (12 noon) charts beneath.

Burns and De Palma have Neptune (planet of film) conjoining personal planets - Saturn for Burns, Mercury for de Palma. M.Night Shyamalan's Neptune opposes Saturn, sextiles Venus and semi-sextiles Jupiter.

All 3 have clusters of planets in the area of the chart close to the Sun.

All 3 have Sun and/or Mercury conjoined with Mars

All 3 have Venus conjoining a slower or outer planet

All 3 have 2 planets in Leo

It's a pity not to be able to compare Moons and ascendants - lack of birth time precludes this.

I don't pretend to know with any certainty what all of the above indicates. I'll take a guess. Most of the similarities probably relate to the fact that these are successful people, in their chosen field, people with sufficient drive, energy determination and talent to succeed. The Neptune connection is the one particularly related to film. The intriguing factor is the general similarity in the three charts. Knowing that the careers of these successful men are within the same genre, I found it encouraging to find astrological links.

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