Sunday, October 14, 2007

Feeling Good - Nina Simone

Nina Simone was one of the great female jazz singers of mid-twentieth century. I often think how remarkable it is that the majority of good jazz singers were/are female, while most jazz musicians were/are male.

Nina Simone's chart very clearly describes what Wikipedia tells us about her personality:

"Sometimes known as the High Priestess of Soul, she paid great attention to the musical expression of emotions. Within one album or concert she could fluctuate between exuberant happiness or tragic melancholy. These fluctuations also characterized her own personality and personal life, worsened by a bipolar disorder with which she was diagnosed in the mid-sixties, but was kept secret until 2004 "

Look at those oppositions ! I've seen something very similar in another chart of someone suffering from this debilitating condition, which used to be known as manic depression. This could be something the astro-researchers ought to jump on, if they haven't already done so - it might yield good results for astrology.

Mercury in Pisces opposes Mars in Virgo (1 degree), Sun in Pisces opposes Neptune in Virgo (7 degrees) and Jupiter opposes Mercury 7 degrees), all Virgo/Pisces. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Pisces by Neptune - both involved in these oppositions, which are mainly 1st against 7th house - self versus relationship with others.

The musical planet Venus lies in Nina's first house, in Aquarius with Saturn, also in Aquarius on her ascendant if time of birth given at Astrotheme is accurate. These placements fit well with her work as a civil rights activist.

Anyway, all of that brings me to my Wonderbra (uplifting) video for this week, and boy - do I need it!

Nina Simone sings, as only she can, "Feeling Good", and describes a state of mind we'd all like to emulate -

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I love Nina Simone

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