Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Honk if..........

One week from today, 9th October 2007, according to my American Ephemeris, the planets will shape up with a Grand Trine in Water signs : Mars (energy) at 4 Cancer, trining Mercury(communication) at 8 Scorpio widely trine Uranus(rebellion) at 15 Pisces. Saturn conjunct Venus in Virgo sextiles Mercury and Mars adding further harmonious assistance. At around 1pm the Moon will be at 00 Libra, the Sun is of course already in that sign of balance and fairness. Passing readers may wonder why this examination of next Tuesday's astrology.

In an article Let's Honk Our Horns As a "Last Resort", by Hank Edson he writes about the way in which President G.W. Bush declared in 2002/3 that war with Iraq was to be considered a "last resort", but blatantly disregarded ways in which it could have been avoided.

Hank Edson puts forward a plan that bloggers can publicise, and that they, their readers, and others who, like him, are disgusted with the state of affairs in which America currently finds itself, can declare their displeasure by honking their car horns at exactly the same time next Tuesday, 9 October....see below for an explanation, or even better, read the entire article at the link above.

"On October 9th, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 1:00 p.m. Central Time, 12:00 noon Mountain, and 11:00 a.m. Pacific, let us all vote on the presidency of George W. Bush with our car horns. For five minutes, let us voice an unremitting protest. Let’s make it so that every public TV station in America, every network news hour, every cable talking head news show has to show footage that is still but for the blare of our anger, our scorn, our outrage, our disgust, our sorrow, our grief, our pain at being a party to such unnecessary slaughter. Put it on your calendar. Drive around the corner from your work if you have to. Take five minutes out of your life for the 1.2 million whose lives are no more.

We, the people, voted in a Democratic Congress to end this war. Our votes have apparently meant nothing. It is time to vote with our car horns. It may be pathetic in a once democratic nation, but it is, for the powerless people of the United States of America, our “last resort.”

1.2 million human beings have been slaughtered by the war our government started unprovoked even after an opportunity to achieve its objective peacefully was offered. Are we really unwilling to make a little noise for just five minutes?"

I think the astrology of the date chosen seems quite beneficial to Mr. Edson's plan. It's not clear yet how much support will be forthcoming, but this is something in which most people could easily take part. And all that honking is bound to feel quite theraputic!


Anonymous said...

Giddayy. I was drawn to your site today and found the article on Honking rather interesting. Upon further investigation I also note that you too are an Aquarian like myself. I am also and Aussie living in the United States of a wee Miracle. Anyway felt a connection and wanted to say a cool Gidday to ya, from one woman to another. mantaray@surewest.net

Twilight said...

Hello Ms Anonymous!

Thanks for dropping by, it's nice to meet another "foreigner" adrift in the US of A. :-) And an Aquarian too! I wonder if you're feeling the same as I am about things - maybe I'll mail and ask. :-)

Anonymous said...

Giddayy me again. Well I am currently waiting on a Artificial Disc Replacement and the arrival of my parents to take care of my boys and myself when I get back from this op. So if you are feeling anxious then join the club.

Twilight said...

Oh - I'm sorry to read of your anxiety, Ms Anon. Sending my wishes for a swift recovery after the op.

I know another Aquarian with health issues at present. I've had a couple of false alarms myself (sighs with relief).

Chiron (The Wounded Healer) is traversing Aquarius at present, this might have some significance in our cases.

Anonymous said...

Giddayy, well I am very young, 37 infact and probably the youngest patient to have this op. Feeling excited about finally getting rid of my leg pain after 7 years and already two ops behind me. So anxious yes but looking at the long term with excitement. Will finally not look like Dr House anymore and will also be 7cm taller. Cant wait. Modelling career here I come.

Twilight said...

I can well imagine what an exciting prospect it is for you!

I hope you'll drop by again one day when the op is over, and let me know how it feels to be 7cm taller.

Sounds as though Chiron about to do his job and make up for your years of difficulty.

Not looking like House has to be an enormous plus too (wink).