Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Across the Universe" - the astrology

Yesterday we visited a cinema in a neighbouring city to see "Across the Universe". I've wanted to see this movie ever since a trailer at our local cinema whetted my appetite months ago (mentioned HERE).

I'd like to think that the release of the film at this point in history might herald a resurgence of that spirit which coloured the 1960s. My wishful thinking that the Beatles' wonderful music may, in the manner of a snake charmer, raise awareness and a spirit of rebellion and determination to right wrongs once again stayed withme long after the movie ended. Maybe it is wishful thinking. Maybe not.

The film, "Across the Universe", is an unusual kind of film. A musical, a love story, a chronicle - but much more than that. I found it affecting and memorable. The story will appeal to British and American audiences alike. The screenplay was written by Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais, brilliant authors of numerous British TV comedy series, both of whom are old enough to remember those legendary days of hippydom.

First, a look at the astrology of those hippy years of the 1960s, with Skip Stone from his "Hippies A to Z"

"Beginning in October, 1965 we witnessed a rare, powerful conjunction of Uranus and Pluto (it happens about once every 200 years or so). Uranus represents the urge to be free. It brings sudden changes usually by destroying the old to make room for the new. It replaces outdated attitudes with new, more constructive ones.

Pluto forces us to transform and regenerate. It takes that which is sick, no longer of value and either destroys it or transmutes it via healing and cleansing into something useful and positive. When the two planets are conjunct (aligned together) their energy intensifies and focuses. Since the aspect occurred in the sign of Virgo, this means the focus was analytical, and critical with an emphasis on communication and service to others. The whole astrological scenario was extremely conducive to revolutionary ideas and activities, if not outright revolution.

Indeed revolution was on the agenda, and might've happened, if not for another very profound astrological event that occurred in September 1966. This was a sextile (60*) of Uranus (again) and Neptune. This is another positive aspect that represented an unusual combination of powerful energies at work during the period. Again we have the need for freedom combined with sudden destruction of the old ways (Uranus), but this time creating new opportunities (sextile) for spiritual growth, artistic creativity, and idealism (Neptune).

Neptune is symbolic of the higher form of love. With Neptune in Scorpio, the sign of powerful emotions, enormous latent energy, and strong sense of purpose, it's no wonder there was an explosion of creativity and new ideas in the Arts and Music, as well as spiritual, sexual and chemical experimentation.

These astrological events, because they involve the outer planets, occur over a long period of time, affect a large number of people, influence social structures and can bring about great changes that take many years to manifest. They also affect generations in different ways since our natal (birth) astrology differs (particularly the outer planets). Whereas one generation may be open to the changes, another might be highly reactionary, as was the case in the 1960s. Even though young people in the '60s had virtually no power (the voting age was still 21), our in-your-face, extremely vocal radicalism and the violent conservative backlash only served to underline the hypocrisies, outdated attitudes and serious failings of the system."

Now - back to the present and near future -

In the mid-1960s Uranus and Pluto were both in Virgo. Next year Pluto will be back in an Earth sign, Capricorn, and Saturn will still be in an Earth sign, Virgo - 2 slow movers in Earth, not the same two, as in the 60s though, but still an Earthy emphasis. Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception in Aquarius and Pisces will form a semi-sextile aspect, July to September 2008, just before the US presidential election. Is there a very faint echo of the 1960s contained in this aspect? The semi-sextile is bound to be be less harmonious than the sextile they experienced then, it might well be be more of a summer of challenge than a summer of love.

Astrologer Maritha Pottenger here has this to say about semi-sextile aspects (30 degrees between)

"This aspect is also often ignored. It is “minor,” but significant if close (within one degree). Astrologers differ on meaning. Some will call it a harmony aspect; others a conflict aspect. It can operate both ways. As in any aspect, the most important element is the planets involved: are they naturally harmonious (sextile, trine one another) or naturally ambivalent, in conflict (square, quincunx, opposite one another in terms of the signs they rule)?.......I read the semi-sextile as a potential strength (mild) in terms of us being able to integrate the two planets, houses and signs involved, thinking especially in terms of carrying further with the later ones what was begun or established with the earlier houses and signs.......................From air to water,(as in Aquarius to Pisces)we move from intellectual insight to depth understanding. We perceive not just consciously but also unconsciously. We function intuitively as well as rationally."

I don't for a moment think we shall ever again see anything comparable to the hippy movement, but we might see a pale reflection of it. A movement with updated focus and followers who strain to see deeper than surface considerations. Use of new technology to assist in understanding things as yet unaccepted by the mainstream, which might help and heal us, and the ills we have inflicted upon our planet home by greed and wars.

PS:I highly recommend "Across the Universe" the movie!

"Sounds of laughter shades of life are ringing
Through my opened ears inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying Love which shines around me like a
million suns, It calls me on and on
Across the universe
Jai guru deva, om."


anyjazz said...

It was a good movie. There were lots of special guests and lots of look alikes wandering through the scenes. One "came in through the bathroom window."

Twilight said...

Oh yes! I didn't mention the special guests. We kept saying
"Isn't that.....? Wasn't that....? Oh look who that is!"
We weren't 100% sure, until the credits rolled though, who was who.

Good excuse to go see it again if it comes close to home, eh Anyjazz!

The Next President of The United States said...

Just a spelling correction from someone everybody seems to think was one even though he's never claimed to be one but has just learned to accept being called one: It's hippie. The mistaken name "hippy" started in the mainstream media because, like so many other issues, they were just looking for a story that made them seem hip and cutting edge, and they never really understood the movement and the hippies.

Twilight said...

Ooops! Thanks for pointing that out, TNPOTUS - I'd assumed that hippy was singular and hippies plural!