Monday, October 01, 2007

"Eureka" - Colin Ferguson !

Colin Ferguson isn't exactly a household name yet, but I suspect it will be, soon. Anyone who watches the TV sci-fi series "Eureka" will recognise this actor who plays the part of the sheriff of Eureka, a very strange town where very strange things happen. He stumbled into the town quite by accident, and his character often seems to be the only "ordinary" person there. Solid and sensible, but with a wicked sense of humour and quick wit usually delivered with a straight face - a killer combination for many females, myself included.

I was kind of expecting his natal Sun to be Capricorn - that combination of characteristics is often found in Sun Capricorns, but no - he has Sun (just) in Cancer, the opposite sign. His natal Jupiter is at 00* Capricorn though. Of course, Jack Carter, the sheriff, could well have Sun in Capricorn, as an upholder of the law.

Colin Ferguson was born in Montreal, Canada, on 22 July 1972. I've had to use a 12noon chart as I can find no time of birth for him.

Paragraphs from a brief biography HERE tell us the following about the actor (with notes from me, in red).

Born in Montreal, Colin Ferguson grew up in Hong Kong, England, Connecticut and Toronto. He got into improv comedy to make money to put himself through McGill University, and he was a founding member of Detroit's Second City comedy club while still in school. (Mercury and Mars in Leo, Venus and Saturn in Gemini, in sextile, probably account for his love of acting and the stage, his desire to work hard to achieve his goals. His love of comedy may be indicated by the sextile between Uranus in Libra and Mercury/Mars in Leo - Uranus is often connected with comedy, I've noticed. That comedic thread is apparent in his Eureka character, Jack Carter, too.)

Ferguson worked in a variety of occupations before he made acting his full-time profession. He taught high school when he was only 19, planted 3,000 trees a day in the Canadian north and even worked as a mannequin in store windows. When he worked the assembly line at a factory for General Electric (parent company of NBC Universal), he never imagined that he would work for the company again as an actor.(Again - Venus only 5* from Saturn - willing to work hard for his goals, and these planets in Gemini would likely give him the versatility needed for the variety of jobs mentioned).

Ferguson's love of travel has taken him to exotic destinations in Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Iceland, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Singapore. He hopes to make future trips to India and Africa.(Moon, ruler of his Sun sign Cancer, is certain to be in Sagittarius, the travellers' sign, though degree uncertain due to lack of birth time, Neptune in Sagittarius too).

Colin Ferguson's natal Sun is only just in Cancer, in the last minutes of that sign -it's almost exactly sextile Pluto in Virgo, possibly endowing him with a powerful will, and determination to achieve his aims.

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