Saturday, March 24, 2018

Weekend with the Waistdeeps

While I wait, and try not to worry, and imagine, and obsess, here's something from the husband's huge collection of vintage photographs. A few years ago he took to writing fanciful fun narratives to some of the photographs. Not everybody "gets" this type of wackiness, but I enjoy it - always have -I guess that's partly how we originally latched on to one another! ;-)

It was to be a work-free week-end in the hills at the famous Woodsnipe Walls Manor for the members of the Waistdeep Nature Club. After gathering for the get-away in the gilded grand foyer, the group wandered out on the grounds for this group picture to commemorate the great event.

Just as the photographer yelled “pose” someone pinched the butt of Geary Stype, standing third from the right. Geary obviously suspects Gilda Goldflue standing just to his left. Gilda is ignoring him, of course. Geary did not see the guilty grin on Baldwin Molepost, just to his right. Actually Baldwin is grinning because he is secretly wearing a tie fashioned from a scarf belonging to Caldera Soo (standing, far left). Caldera designed her own blouse, hat and matching scarf. This morning her scarf went missing.Caldera, it must be noted is standing next to B. F. D. Blasko the well known vampire and vacuum cleaner repairman. They are not related.

The women of course perceived immediately that there were not enough men to go around. The men, of course, in typical masculine fashion, perceived that there were not enough women to go around.

All the girls are wearing hats for identification purposes.

Inside, the cook was making celery soup and singing "Heart and Soul” along with the wireless which was playing, “Night on Bald Mountain” by the Harmonicats.

Someone noted later in green ink, that Ivie Leak (seated fourth from left) was not a Waistdeep Nature Club member at all but an undercover writer for Popular Séance magazine.

But then, that’s another story, isn't it?

As reported by my husband, anyjazz.


Wisewebwoman said...

Wonderful fun, this photo :)

However, your first para gives me pause, did I miss something?


Wisewebwoman said...

Ah, the surgery? Biopsy? You, Himself?

I hope all OK, waiting for results no doubt.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ I'm obsessing about silly stuff, can I do this, or that, will they turn me away if I haven't done this or have done that - waiting for the 'procedure' now due on on Tuesday 27th. I'm obsessing about the detailed preparations, rules, do and do nots - I guess it's instead of obsessing about the actual thing, which I just want over.

I still feel annoyed and frustrated because the op should've been over now, if not for the flippin' cancellation from 22nd that nobody bothered to tell me about on 21st, until after we'd waited over 2 hours for the pre op tests - now still to be done on Monday!

Then I got a robot call at 6.15pm last evening reminding me about an appointment which I don't have at the Imaging Centre on 27th. It was too late to call them back - what was the point calling - robot must have had a glitch, and the only thing I can think is that the robot was doing February instead of March because my mammogram was 27 Feb at the Imaging Centre! I have no more things to be done there at the moment.

Efficiency has gone to hell!

It'll all come out in the wash~ thanks for your concern WWW :)

Anonymous said...

Physical material world concerns can compromise living in the moment, which all we have anyway. As above, below - astrotransits are generating sparks. What's happening with your 6 house? I'm thinking it's a good thing you are undergoing evaluation and diagnosis, grating it may be, but timely. Everyone is a ticking health bomb of some hither thither. Mental so fragrant flowers to you.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Thank you for your support - I appreciate it! I agree, and I should relax these concerns. It'll be fine once I'm there, I'll be fine, once the operation is imminent - it's the waiting that is messing with my mind. :)

The diagnosis was made via biopsy, it is a small breast cancer - thankfully small found early. Now I await a procedure called (something like) a needle directed lumpectomy.
I'm 79, something was going to give during the next few years, and this could be seen as better than a whole string of other possibilities - stroke, heart problems, dementia, etc. I've been incredibly lucky healthwise, so far. Time to pay the piper I guess. :)

Natally my 6th house has Venus in Sagittarius at around 19/20 degrees.

R J Adams said...

All the very best for the 27th, Twilight (makes it sound a bit like your birthday, doesn't it?!?) Hardly! I note US healthcare is following the NHS down the road to ruin. Hopefully, it will remain intact long enough to get you back to full health again.
Very best wishes,

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Many thanks RJ. Yes, 27 adds up to 9, and 9 is my lucky number! ;-)
And, yes, there's something rotten in the state of communications at our local hospital!
Maybe it's Mercury Retrograde at work (better blame something else - or someone at the hospital might read this and "spit in my (metaphorical) soup"! :(

Wisewebwoman said...

Just checking back. I know the worry is often so much worse than the procedure. If you're like me I put myself into the grave or crematorium with 2 acres of unfinished business. And oh yes, massive pain before the final gasp.

Talking about it helps me a lot. And laughing at my own drama and fears.

Good luck and good health to you m'dear.

You've a lot more to do before you cast off :)


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, vivid imaginations can cause havoc at times like this! :(

I've completed another step or two this morning - special shower procedure with Hibiclens, then all freshly laundered clothes, and to hospital for remainder of pre-op stuff (eco cardio and chest x-ray). They were on point today, quick in and out! Just waiting now for call to tell us what time to be at hospital tomorrow morning. Our GP was on duty at outpatients this morning - saw me and gave me a nice shoulder hug - said "it'll be alright" - so that was nice!

Thanks again WWW!