Thursday, March 01, 2018

Housing Jupiter

These notes are taken from Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's book "Here and There in Astrology" (1961).
Jupiter is the planet of abundance, generosity or over-generosity so that he also rules obesity; great respect for formality, protection when in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), and for the bestowal of honors when well aspected to the ruler of the ascendant. He rules philosophy and all forms of higher wisdom including religion, and also philanthropy. As a rule, he represents wealth.

So, the relationship between Sagittarius and Jupiter, its ruling planet, becomes clear.

Mrs. Jacobson's notes relate to astrological houses. Houses are a tricky concept to explain, it would be all too easy for me to create a huge muddle for any passing reader not familiar with this facet of astrology, so I'll skim over it by saying that the houses are a kind of overlay to the signs. Houses relate to areas of life where the "flavours" of the planets and signs involved are most likely to manifest. There's straightforward explanation at Astrologyzine: "What is a House in Astrology?"

Mrs Jacobson goes on to list some likely results when Jupiter is found in particular houses in a natal chart. Now, while her assertions are no doubt accurate, there's a problem. To establish the exact position of the house cusps (dividing lines) in a natal chart an exact time of birth is needed - ideally exact to the minute. Few people are lucky enough have this type of exactitude, having to rely on the efficiency of hospital staff or relatives' memories. An additional snag: there are several different systems for calculating the house divisions. Astrologers cannot agree which is best, so tend to use the one which works best for them. Bearing these imponderables in mind then, and as a basis for a bit of light investigation, here are some of Mrs Jacobson's notes.

Jupiter in any house increases the number there of whatever that house represents. In 7th house, more than one marriage. In 11th - many friends. In 3rd many blood relatives/neighbours. In 5th many children, and so on.

Jupiter in 10th gives the native great luck in achieving his chosen career.....

Jupiter in or ruling 4th house gives a large home and family, generous father and many gifts from him unless badly afflicted. Some affiliation with a religious organization. Many changes of address - will not continue to live at the birthplace.

Jupiter in or ruling an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) denotes the wearing of a uniform at some time of life.

Jupiter in 6th - expensive pets, indulgent habits difficult to overcome.

Jupiter in or ruling 9th house or any angle promises long journeys or voyages not necessarily at the native's own expense. Friends are easily made.

Jupiter in aspect with other planets brings out the best the other planets have to offer.

In my own natal chart Jupiter in Pisces is in 9th house.... long journeys or voyages not necessarily at the native's own expense. Half right! Lots of long journeys, including one which led eventually to emigration from my homeland. All, unfortunately, at my own expense though! Something similar regarding travel is signified by my natal Venus in Sagittarius - sign ruled by Jupiter. So if, in my case, the house placements aren't quite accurate due to some slight discrepancy in time of birth, there's back-up!


LB said...

Jupiter in the 3rd, conjunct Neptune and Mercury, all in Scorpio. Through dreams and intuition, I discovered two additional siblings, both given up for adoption by my mother before she met my father, secrets (and I believe, sorrows) she carried to the grave.

Twilight said...

LB ~ A sad but eventually happy story, LB - and what an amazing experience!