Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Last weekend's, and yesterday's posts related to differences between UK and USA culture. Differences within the relatively tiny UK still do exist too; here's one, presented slightly tongue in cheek - but there is a kernel of truth in there!


Anonymous said...

There is trouble in Denmark!



Twilight said...

Anon-Mugsy ~ Hey there - nice to see ya Mugsy! Hmm - the Danish/English video is a challenge for the ears alright! At one point I thought they were doing a version of The Two Ronnies' "four candles" sketch:

Twilight said...

By e-mail from "JD" in the UK

You made me laugh out loud with your 'northener says hello' video and that was even before I had watched it! And it is so true :)

Twilight said...

JD ~ I'd almost forgotten about this kind of north/south culture shock in Britain! Here in Oklahoma folks are even more friendly than northern Brits - they wave as you pass in the car, even if they "don't know you from Adam"! :)