Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Texas Tidbits

Last week we travelled into deepest Texas to visit husband's younger daughter who now lives in Killeen, it's a city just a little northwest of Austin. Here are a few choice Texas sightings from husband's camera. (Clicking on the photographs should bring up larger or clearer versions.)

You know you're in Texas when the hotel chain has had thousands of yards of carpet woven, just to make sure you know it!

On turning a corner one day, I wasn't too sure we were indeed in Texas! Maybe a fellow British ex-pat lives in that house.

I'm always happy to see junk transformed to art!

I suspect this little collage was unintentionally arty - or maybe not:


A car junk Christmas tree - nice!

It was a surprise to see this guy in the hotel bar one evening. He was in semi-civvies, but instantly recognisable: the Killeen Mall Santa of some 18 years' experience.

The old Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells has deteriorated further since we first passed by some years ago. It was once, long ago, a popular vacation destination for "the beautiful people" - its story is available in several places on the internet, including at Wikipedia, HERE.

The city of Mineral Wells, as a whole, now seems depressed and down-trodden, reflecting the dismal state of its once-prized hotel .

In a very, very junky junk/antique store in town we saw a few remnants of the Baker Hotel's brighter days.

LOL! Almost home, but still in Texas:

The Remains of the Day (apologies to Kazuo Ishiguro for use of his book title).


anyjazz said...

This album of pictures follows our journey just right. I have always liked the "Things We Saw Along the Way" collection. It was a nice trip and visit.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Yes, it was a good one! I like Texas - in spite of the state's politics!