Monday, November 27, 2017

Music Monday - for Lancashire

Wikipedia tells us that today, 27 November is Lancashire Day, in the UK. Lancashire is a county in the north-west of England.
Lancashire Day is the county day of historic Lancashire in England. It is held on 27 November to commemorate the day in 1295 when Lancashire first sent representatives to Parliament, to attend the Model Parliament of King Edward I.
I'm a Yorkshire gal, a northerner, but not a Lancastrian. I did live and work in parts of Lancashire at various times in my 60+ years in Britain. I always enjoyed Lancashire and mingling with Lancastrians - warm-hearted, friendly folk, and many display a fine sense of humour.

In honour of Lancashire Day then, on this Music Monday, a trio of songs ~

From very early 20th century written by C.W. Murphy, Dan Lipton & John Neat in 1906:

"Dirty Old Town" was written by Ewan MacColl in 1949. The song was written about Salford, Lancashire, England, the city where MacColl was born and brought up. This song has long been a favourite of mine:

And...Lancashire got a mention by the Beatles in this song (of course it did - they were Liverpudlians and Liverpool is in Lancashire. I think, nowadays, that the region around Liverpool is termed Merseyside - but it's still Lancashire to me!)

Listen for the line "...four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire...." at around 3.29 minutes:


Burley Smith said...

Hey-up Yorkshire lass! from expat since '73.

Twilight said...

Hey-up back atcha Burley! You've been here so long - glad you still remember the accent! Eee lad, tha's made me feel homesick! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Up. Born and bred in Blackburn Lancashire and never heard nowt about this before.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Hey up Anon! Me neither, but Wiki discovered it. I did know that 1st August is "Yorkshire Day". Lancashire would not let Yorkies get away with having something more than them. ;-)

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Forgot to say - long, long ago in the early 1960s I worked for a season in Blackburn, in the office of the White Bull Hotel. Is it still there?