Monday, November 13, 2017

If only, if only.....

It was good yesterday to find this piece, by Keith Burris, at The Blade:
Kucinich: I know why Trump was elected.
We don't hear nearly enough from Dennis Kucinich these days. He was my first choice of US politician during my early years here in the USA. There are numerous posts about him, accessible via the Label Cloud in my sidebar.

If only...if only!

Mr Burris wrote:
"Kucinich was Bernie Sanders long before Bernie..."
I know what he meant but they have both been around in politics, fighting the good fight, for a long time. Americans in general remained too blinkered (or too something) to give them the credit, and the support, they deserved - until 2016 in Bernie's case.


Sackerson said...

Fancy marking your Broad Oak Trump homework? How close were you in your predictions?

Twilight said...

Sackerson ~ Hey there! Am away from my usual computer right now, and on iffy wi-fi connection. I'll take a closer look at this next week. I wasn't terribly wide of the mark, as I remember it - there has been no "coup" but lots of sturm and drang from media, which must have caused His Trumpship plenty of stressful moments. Unsettling as it has been for all, it hasn't changed a darn thing - and I suspect that's the way things will stay, probably until 2020. Will try to remember to look again at his chart next week. :-)