Monday, November 06, 2017

Music Monday ~ Genres & Signs

Qualities of the many different musical genres can be seen reflected (if one squints a little) in signs of the zodiac. The ideas proposed below do not refer to readers'/listeners' Sun signs, I'm suggesting only that different music styles can be compared with qualities of the 12 zodiac signs. It might, however, be noticed that if particular signs in a natal chart are strongly emphasised, that chart owner might gravitate toward a music style with similar qualities.

Classical ~~ Capricorn & Virgo - tradition, rigid structure, meticulous performance.

Jazz~~~ Aries & Aquarius - energetic, spontaneous, modern, unpredictable.

Easy Listening ~~~ Libra & Pisces - undemanding, pleasant, non-controversial, dreamy.

Country ~~~ Taurus & Cancer - old fashioned, earthy, conservative, homely.

Folk & Bluegrass~~~ Cancer, Capricorn & Aquarius - sensitive, homely, traditional, often socially aware.

Rock~~~ Aries & Scorpio - energetic, can be passionate and/or menacing.

Pop ~~~ Gemini & Aquarius - eclectic mix of themes, all communicating to "the people" - all the people!

Opera & Stage ~~Leo, Sagittarius - dramatic, exaggerated.

Blues & Soul~~~Pisces, Scorpio - deep, powerful and passionate.

Latin ~~~ Scorpio & Sagittarus - passionate, "foreign".

Big Band & Swing ~~~ Aries and Sagittarius - energetic, big, happy sound.

Religious/Sacred/Gospel ~~~ Sagittarius, Pisces & Capricorn - spiritual, devout, traditional.


LB said...

Hi Twilight ~ Your post brought to mind the music of Bjork, a triple Scorpio with her Scorpio Moon in the 12th, Neptune conjunct her Scorpio Ascendant/Sun and Uranus ruling the cusp of her natal 3rd where Saturn in Pisces resides:

IMO, the combined influence of her Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces placements comes across strongly and beautifully in her art and music ~ which can be deep, mystical and quirky (sometimes almost inaccessible) all at the same time.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Hi! :-) Bjork - she's really outside any individual genre box, but could fit, albeit a little uncomfortably, in several. I sampled the link you provided - thanks - and what first came to mind was "this is like the dark side of Enya". You're so right, her style does reflect her astrological placements very well!