Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Woo-Wooing Hillary

The final paragraph of yesterday's post linked Hillary Clinton to the far-outness of UFO culture. If we have ahead of us some 18 months of presidential campaigning with Hillary Clinton heading the Democratic wing of the USA's duopoly, it's going to be a boring 18 months indeed. How can we withstand months on end of trouser suit jokes eh? A bit of woo-woo will be needed.

During the 2008 go-around I posted a bit of woo about Bible codes and Hillary Clinton's prospects, relevant post is HERE. That "prophecy" didn't turn out well! I wondered whether any bright spark had yet investigated the codes for news of 2016. There's THIS, as well as a few YouTube presentations of the same thing.

Daft or what?

Another of my old posts on Clinton was a tad more sensible (well, I thought so) - I spotted a few similarities between her natal chart and that of John Adams. See John Adams & Hillary Clinton.

Ms Clinton has not yet declared her intention to run, though most journalists seem to think it's a foregone conclusion - more's the pity! If she declares her intention to run, The Powers That Be, and their pet media pundits and writers will make certain she will be the party's nominee, crushing the hopes any populist upstarts early on. Any fun to be had will have to come from t'other side. I wonder if anyone has searched bible codes for Ted Cruz or Rand Paul yet?


Sonny G said...
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Sonny G said...

ust my intuitive perspective but, before it even begins, she's lost her Spark.. it just isn't there any more.
There has to be a part of her that dreads this whole process and what she'll have to deal with from the past and present. It takes a Whole Heart to go through an ordeal like running for the presidency and just my opinion of course but her's just isnt in it.
I hope I'm wrong but when I get a vibe as strong as I have about this- is 99% likely to be right. please know what I am feeling makes me sad in advance..
good luck Hillary

mike said...

Your link connects to a page on Obama 2016. I think the author keeps posting over previous pages.

"November 2016. I think Hillary Clinton possibly will be elected U.S. President. See this page [link in next paragraph]. If Hillary is elected then Hillary - Isis (great of magic, Moon deity) and Putin - Ra (Sun deity) will be in power. And I think Hillary - Isis will have the magic to control Ra."

"The English King James version Bible code - Part 4b - Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016?"

Well, T. Chase offers some bleak prospects for the next five years. Hillary and Putin are the big stars of the show, with Putin specializing in WWIII about 2017. Get ready to rumble! I can't say the predictions particularly surprise me, if they should come to pass...the past fifteen years have introduced a new kind of weird that is continually escalating...reminds me of Ravel's "Bolero" leading toward crescendo. T.Chase infers the climax in 2020, which is in-pitch with the astrological alignments in Capricorn.

I noticed that Chase prognosticates alien contact in the next couple of years...fitting with your post from yesterday...LOL. Maybe Hillary is an of the many conspiracy theories is that our government is in the hands of alien reptiles. Whether a conspiracy or not, I do think we have "reptilian" politicians...LOL...snakes and lizards, oh my!

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I felt the same as you last year - that she wasn't likely to run, due to health issues, or age, or just lack of inspiration/enthusiasm. Recently though, if reports are to be believed, she's gearing up to run.
We shall see. I wish she'd retire gracefully and enjoy what's left to her minus the headaches and heartaches of a brutal campaign.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Hmmm - well when I tested the link (the one on the word "THIS") from my end it went to piece headed The English King James version Bible code - Part 4b - Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016?
Strange. Is it a quirk or am I reading it wrongly or living in a parallel universe?

Mr Chase isn't exactly a little ray of sunshine, but prognosticators seldom are - wonder why that is?

His methods and words add a bit of colour and woo to a fairly dismal landscape - even if the colours are dark hued, and the woo a tad tin-foil.

LOL! Your last para slips smartly into David Icke territory!

mike (again) said...'re correct...I clicked on the link from your Jan 18, 2008, post. Link: "text of the presentation" goes to the "President Obama reelected in 2012" now.

It's unfortunate that the first contenders that have recently announced their presidential campaigns are so insipid, yet potentially destructive and dangerous. Nothing on the horizon, either. Seems to mirror the UK's potentates for next month's election there.

I'm not enthused by Hillary, but I will admit that I'd rather have Hillary than many of her possible contenders from either party. So, it may boil-down to voting for the better of the rejects. I do believe that she can handle the job, but probably not according to MY desires...LOL.

She's completing her natal Neptune's T-square with transiting Uranus sq Pluto and she's had a difficult Saturn transit the past two years, which is almost over. She'll become more appealing when Jupiter transits her 10th house and that will endure right up to the elections.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Oh good! The linkage colour (purple) doesn't show up well on some screens - I ought to change it but wimp out of getting back into the innards of Blogger again in case I wreak havoc.

I agree. Nose-holding will probably have to be done in 2016 time, unless there's something quite unexpected around the next corner.

Andrew Levine has had a couple of very good articles at Counterpunch recently on the topic of lesser-evilism. This snip from one of them:

At this point, it seems clear – let’s say 85% likely — that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate. If she is, then it is maybe 90% likely that she will be the lesser evil candidate with the most votes. What is 100% likely is that the demos will lose again.

If we do indeed have another President Clinton in our future, then it is also extremely likely that, this time, the true lesser evil will be the one who has the honor of doing the demos in.

In retrospect, Obama may not have been the lesser evil all things considered. But Clinton, if she runs, surely will be — not because voters now are less myopic than they used to be or because she is a better choice than Obama was. In fact, she is a worse choice – by far.

But she will be the real lesser evil because the Republican candidate, whether Jeb Bush or somebody even more ludicrous, is sure to seem utterly vile – even from the most far-sighted vantage point available.

Thanks for the astrology points.
I wonder if she's had astrological advice, and that has encouraged her to run.

mike (again) said...

Excellent essay by Levine. Yes, a presidential election should infer a smorgasbord of choice, but instead is a slice of bologna between two pieces of cheap, white bread, with a choice of mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~~ Yes - and even then, the mustard's too mild, ketchup synthetic - never even seen a tomato; and completely tasteless mayonnaise.