Thursday, April 23, 2015

By George!! (Saint or Adamski-style)

(Origin of post title)

Today, 23 April is St. George's Day, patron saint of England. St George was a Roman soldier revered by early Christians for his defence of their beliefs, and his eventual death because of it. As the St George stone rolled along it gathered mythology about dragons and stuff. That's all there is to tell really - so how about a look at another George, one who didn't wait for mythological moss to grow, but created his own: George Adamski.

When we were young(ish) we each had our own favourite sphere of the fantastical - unless, that is, we were hopelessly and absolutely boringly realistic and pragmatic at all times. My favoured sphere of the fantastical was Erich von Däniken's world of ancient alien spacemen. I wasn't overly excited by more contemporary UFO sightings, such as the Roswell thing, and Adamski's ramblings, which even in my more gullible younger years seemed loopy and much too far out.

Wikipedia's page has most of the facts/fiction on Adamski; various skeptics' forums have, over the years, gleefully deconstructed his many stories.

It seems to me that George Adamski must have either
a) actually seen or experienced "something" - not necessarily exactly what he wrote and spoke about;
b) had a screw loose, some chemically related mental imbalance; or
c) had an acute business sense and the imagination required to write best-sellers and promote them with a straight face.

 Excerpt from George Adamski: The Toughest Job in the World by Tony Brunt-HERE


Adamski's natal chart might reveal a clue or two:
Born on 17 April 1891 in Bydgoszca, Poland,
at 2:07 AM.
(Astrodienst "A" rating)

His impulsive Aries Sun itched to have him be a pioneer...of something! He wanted to be a pioneer of extra-terrestrial contact didn't he? Uranus (planet of all that is futuristic, unexpected and eccentric) was in opposition to his natal Aries Sun from Libra, maybe encouraging eccentricity, even in opposition managing to drown out any more practical, realistic impulses he might have experienced. Likewise, restrictive Saturn in sensible Virgo was in opposition to expansive, adventurous Jupiter and Venus in imaginative, dreamy Pisces - it appears the Pisces "flavour" won this tug-o'-war.

Outer planet Neptune (ruler of Pisces)was conjoined with Pluto in Gemini - for a whole generation; in Adamski's case the pair were conjunct his North Node of the Moon, and in sextile to his natal Leo Moon, drawing Neptune's penchant for illusion close to his inner nature.

UPDATE @ 6pm~
I've just noticed that Astrodienst has calculated natal chart for 2:07 AM, and I followed suit, but according to their source note it should be 2.07PM

Luc de Marre quotes him in a letter to Wilhelm Konig in 1954 "between 2:00 and 2:15 PM."

Here's a PM chart, ascendant and angles have moved as has Moon's position.

Moon Leo, Virgo rising, Saturn on ascendant. A Leo Moon fits his craving for publicity and limelight.
Neptune at top of chart giving it prominence. Virgo rising with Saturn close....not sure about that fitting him too well....but...


mike said...

Saint-anything-day implies Catholicism and that particular branch of Christianity has done such terrible harm over the centuries. Sainthood is a bit like the Academy Awards in my opinion...much to do about not much.

Today is the 50th anniversary of Adamski's death in 1965. My mother was a UFO nut and would attend the weekly UFO club meetings every Thursday evening in Topeka, usually with us kids in tow. Adamski presented several times over the years we attended, but I remember little of the events, except that his presentations drew very large crowds and my mother was more excited than usual, due to his presence.

More peculiar to me was the president of our local UFO club and his wife. Both were elderly, very eccentric, and had peculiarities. I remember the wife always quietly humming to herself regardless what she was doing, but the tunes were very discordant, erratic, and nothing I'd ever heard prior or since. One time, he insisted that my mother allow him to have my aura read by one of the club's guest speakers. It was done in private one Saturday and he and the aura-reader had a very long discussion about my reading, but I was not part of the discussion.

The UFO phenomenon was very prevalent in my youth, then faded as quackery, but has returned as astronauts, Jimmy Carter, and other prominent individuals have claimed witness to such.

I suspect Adamski was a fake, taking advantage of the public's interest. I don't think UFOs are figmental, though it may be difficult to differentiate a natural phenomenon from a real UFO sighting. I always enjoy the explanation that these sightings are really those humans from the future returned to examine history...LOL...never know. I prefer to think they are extraterrestrial, advanced, and non-reptilian.

Twilight said...

mike ~ LOL! I like your parallel of sainthood with Academy Awards. :-D

Hmm I hadn't noticed the coincidence of today being anniversary of Adamski's death - or did I see his name in a list - looking for "another George" ? I don't recall. I think something had started me reading about the UFO topic - a piece in Huff.Post a few days ago

Then I looked in my archives to see what I'd written on UFOs in the past, found a post on Jacques Valee

and from there to Adamski was a short hop I guess.

Interesting that you actually remember the guy - in real life!

What a pity you never got to hear about your aura!

When considering Adamski and the impact he had, it seems the public in those days were far more ready to believe, more childlike in their trust, less cynical than we are today - cynical for good reason!
I can't decide whether Adamski was an outright fake or a partial one with a very colourful imagination.

I can't decide, either, on the whole question of UFOs but am always fascinated to read anything related.
The fact that other "intelligent" life forms exist in the universe is easy enough to believe, but that they would have developed in even vaguely similar ways to human life forms, with similar urges, abilities, needs, etc. is less easy for me to imagine. Therefore I tend to veer towards the "visitors from our own future" theory, if anything.

mike (again) said...

The years of the late 1940s to early 1970s (post-atomic...or is it neo-atomic?) popularized science fiction with superheroes, monsters, ghosts, reincarnation, UFOs, and the paranormal. This was a genre constantly explored in film and TV. Concomitantly, nuclear annihilation appeared imminent, anti-communism-McCarthyism was rampant, and Europe was rebuilding while the USA found suburbia.

Last night's "Nova" was about the Hubble space telescope and how it greatly changed our view of the universe. The show was predicated on the researcher, Edwin Hubble, who in the 1920s discovered that the universe was vastly larger than thought...prior to his finding, the universe was the Milky Way!

I suppose that with the great depression, Germany-Japan take-overs, then WWII, there wasn't much time spent on non-mundane outerspace. Once things settled down, maybe there was more time dedicated to the extraneous mysteries and unknowns.

It's interesting to note that almost all ancient cultures have some record of super-beings, aircraft, aliens, something-in-the-sky type of artifacts. There's either something in our genes that supply the mythological archetypes or there is potential validity to the actuality.

You said you tend toward the plausibility of UFOs from our own future. Perhaps they are from our past...LOL.

Anonymous said...

By George ... Birthday 23 April ...

I couldn't find much to add to your Music Monday post ...
So here are some musical tags for today...

It's a good ship!

... a trekkian sci-fi spin

It's Hers, and Hers, and His ...
(Joyce DeWitt)

Better, stronger, faster ...
Only six million dollars

... Mercy ...

I'm a man, so I married.
Wife, children, house, everything.
The full catastrophe.

Once upon a time, early one morning ...
Peter opened the gate and went out into the big ... green ... meadow.

I have a deep appreciation for anyone enabling culture for children


Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, I suppose that once the seriously worrying times of WW2 were over, and in spite of the Cold War and other concerns, public imagination was "let loose" once again to explore and enjoy a kind of fantasy that could, possibly, not be fantasy but reality...that has always been a tempting "flavour", that "maybe...."

Before I settled on featuring Adamski I'd been reading about a 1561 German manuscript and illustration supposedly telling of unidentfied flying objects battling for an hour in the sky over Nuremburg one morning. The idea has (of course) been debunked and the undoubted phenomena seen by residents put down as sun-dogs and other natural effects.

Here's one debunking website

There are others and still a few arguments that there was more to it than natural effects.

There are some early paintings showing what seem to be strange lights in the sky, but these could usually be seen as either a way of portraying a comet or meteor shower, or a metaphorical depiction of a particular planet shining extra brightly at a certain time. We can't know for sure.

I was also going to mention the link to some Native American culture - I've read that certain tribes believe that their ancestors originated elsewhere in the universe. Have now lost the links, but I also have a book, "Star Ancestors" by Nancy Red Star, on the subject, I bought it at a UFO watch station in Colorado some years ago. Mentioned in this post:

Anonymous said...

I agree in spirit, but not in frequency.

Beings from other systems have probably been here ... but ...
Space is vast ...

... 7000 LY to the Crab Nebula is quite a distance
... Even at Warp Six.

... and this is just our galaxy.

(But I read Kon-Tiki again so it can be done ...)


Twilight said...

Anonymous/kidd (1)

LOL! Thank you! I especailly liked the 6 Million Dollar Spaceman snip in today's post's context. :-) Most of the others clicked good memories too.

Anonymous/kidd (2)

I agree - our minds are not capable of perceiving and appreciating the vast, seemingly unending distances
spanned by the universe - we don't know what the universe is - not in any easily understandable way.
We're like people in Plato's Cave trying to understand shadows, and partial ones at that, probably getting entirely the wrong ideas about stuff.

Have people been here to visit though - would any other, alien, type of being be interested in exploration? How do we know this? We think other life simply has to be (something) like us - but does it? We don't know. We're entering the zone well beyond Twilight (no relation) Zone when thinking on these things. ;-) It's intriguing to surmise though.

James Higham said...

Had a hunch you might have liked von Däniken. :)

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Forgot to say - "The Kon Tiki Expedition" was another book I, too, enjoyed a lot in my youth. I think my Dad acquired it as part of his Book Club membership during the 1950s. I'd quite like to read it again - must get me one.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~ I loved his original book on the subject, yes - but I think success went to his head. His later books disappointed - he became almost as loopy as Adamski. :-)

Bob said...

Working charts for Adamski's "first" encounter with "those" people and for his death, both for locations and birth place, I do not find anything near enough to the progressed angles of his solunar returns (my favorite toys) to make me believe his story. In fact I doubt his stted time of birth is close to right.

Now my meetings on the other hand . . .

Bob said...

Should his stated time of birth be close the Uranus-Sun opposition is near the Zenith-Nadir axis of the chart.

Zenith 205°00', Uranus 207°38'

Nadir 25°00', Sun 24°48'

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Oh...hmmm - Astrodienst has the time of birth with this footnote

Luc de Marre quotes him in a letter to Wilhelm Konig in 1954 "between 2:00 and 2:15 PM."

My software has come to the same conclusion as Astrodienst's on Sun and Uranus positions. I guess a tweak one way or t'other might be possible, but nothing too dramatic if Adamski was to be believed (???)

So...are you joking about your own experiences? :-) If not, do please tell!

I find it hard to attach much credibility to his stories - the most I could believe is that he saw "something", maybe once, maybe not even a UFO, and maybe under the influence of drink or some meds, and embroidered on this - made it his career.

Thank you for looking at those charts, Bob - I'm not into that area of astrology.

Twilight said...

Bob....Wait a minute though - Astrodienst and I have used 2.07 AM.
I hadn't noticed that until now.

I'll put up and update in a mo. - a chart for the PM time.

Bob said...

Trade Am for PM?

Hey, youse guys! We might be cookin' wit gas! Or as Gerald Lloyd "Kookie" Kookson III on 77 Sunset Strip would say - "No more smog in the noggin'".

But then, I wonder if the charts are reflecting a real life, action based experience, or the excitation of an abnormal thought process.

In yer own woids'

Blogger Twilight said...

"But... since we don't know what we're truly dealing with in astrology, we can't be absolutely certain what's right and what isn't, with regard to any of the accepted rules and methods."

April 09, 2015 2:42 PM

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Ain't that the truth though?