Monday, April 20, 2015

Music Monday ~ Brought to mind by a few of today's birthdays.....

Glancing down a list of birthdays for 20 April I decided to pick three names which immediately brought some song or piece of music to mind.

First, surprisingly, was Adolph Hitler (20 April 1889) whose name comes up in the signature tune of an old British TV series (1968-1977) - Dad's Army:

Next, Jessica Lange (20 April 1949). She played Patsy Cline in a movie about the singer's life - I've seen and enjoyed it several times : Sweet Dreams.
Ms Lange lip-sincs to Patsy Cline's recordings - it works well:

Movie trailer:

Also Luther Vandross (20 April 1951), gone too soon! Here singing a longtime favourite of mine from Man of La Mancha, Impossible Dream

Any face from the list linked at the top of the post bring a song or piece of music to a passing reader's mind?


mike said...

Too many unfamiliars on the list. The only one I know is Luther Vandross. Here's "Quiet Storm":

Happy Taurus season, Twilight! Don't take any BS.

Bob said...

Like Mike, the only one I am familiar with is Luther Vandross.

But your first one had me make a partial list of a folder I play a lot. The file has 54 songs in all - all from youtube. I put it together and somehow copied all of the songs onto a regular CD which does play on the CD player of a former paramour's car.

Not trying to hijack the thread - just have nothing else to contribute.

Vera Lynn - Bless 'em All
Vera Lynn - I'll Be Seeing You
Harry James and Helen Forrest - It's Been A Long, Long Time
Harry James and Helen Ward - Where Or When
Harry James and Helen Forrest - You Made Me Love You
Jo Stafford - The Nearness of You
Jo Stafford - All The Things You Are
Jo Stafford - I Don't Want To Walk Without You
Jo Stafford - I'll Never Smile Again
Jo Stafford - My Romance
Jo Stafford - You Belong To Me
Jo Stafford - No Other Love
Steve and Eydie - This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
Eydie Gorme - As Long As He Needs Me
Eydie Gorme - I Don't Want To Walk Without You Baby
Eydie Gorme - What I DId For Love
Les Baxter Orchestra - Wake The Town And Tell The People
Kay Starr - Have You Talked To The Man Upstairs
McGuire Sisters - May You Always
Johnny Mathis - That Certain Smile
Timi Yuro - Love Letters
Percy Faith & Felicia Sanders - Song from Moulin Rouge
Frank Ifield - I Remember You

Twilight said...

mike ~ It's not too fruitful a day for music-makers proper - at least not famous ones. I had to do a wee bit of lateral thinkin' ;-) There are one or two opportunities for that.

Happy Bull days to you too, mike! As the modern ruler of my Sun + south Node is bullish, nobody had better show me any red this month. ;-)

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Nice selection there - thanks.
The list of birthdays isn't too helpful on first sight - needs a bit of "teasing" out. The first ones of your collection reminded me of a CD I have, titled
"Songs that got Us Through WWII". :-)

Back in the day I used to make lots of cassette tapes of favourites - I haven't got into doing it with CDs, but husband does so. I have several he made for me.

anyjazz said...

Thirty years before the Beatles the most famous quartet in the world was the Benny Goodman Quartet. One fourth of that quartet was Lionel Hampton, born April 20, 1908. He played a relatively unknown, for the time, electronically enhanced instrument called the vibraphone. Here's my favorite video.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ An obvious one for you, anyjazz! They have him categorised as "drummer"...tsk!
Such a lovely sound that vibraphone has!

Twilight said...

Here's an "oblique" one -
John Paul Stevens, Supreme Court Justice (20 April 1920)

"Here Come da Judge"

Bob said...


I had forgotten Lionel Hampton being on the list. I recently watched a video of the quartet and thought I had downloaded it and posted the link somewhere but a search of my computer did not find it and there is only 1 other place I post music links but a search of my postings there did not find it so I guess I got distracted and forgot to follow through with both actions. I remember I was watching a lot of videos featuring drummers when I watched it and thought to post the link because many younger people may never had heard the music.

I did this one last night then decided not to post it but he certainly qualifies.

Tito Puente, (April 20, 1923 – June 1, 2000) born and passed in New York City.

Tito Puente - Oye Como Va (Live)

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Good one - yes!! Gotta love those Latin rhythms.

Bob said...

Gotta put this out.

Lionel Hampton on Letterman - Hamp's Boogie Woogie

Went from this to Frank, Dean, Sammy, Liza, Shirley, and many more.

anyjazz said...

I was able to take in a Lionel Hampton concert in a very small venue when he was raising money for a high school back in the 70's. It was held in the school's tiny auditorium. I think he enjoyed it as much as anyone else.

Twilight said...

Bob~ Thanks! Good video - enjoyed the interview at the end, and seeing Paul Shaffer with (some) hair! :-)

Twilight said...

Best not let Johnny Tillotson remain unacknowledged here - 20 April 1939

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