Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Communal Sigh

Soon the USA will be able to heave a communal sigh of relief that, for election year 2012, "alea iacta est" (the die has been cast). Several astrologers have predicted that it'll not be as clear cut as that saying might imply though, and for a variety of astrological reasons.

For anyone deeply into astrology who hasn't yet read Chris Brennan's excellent "Roundup" post at The Political Astrology Blog, detailing the method and conclusions of a long list of online astrologers on the result of the coming election, I highly recommend taking a look at it it.

That post led me to one by Eric Francis, whose work is always a reliably good and informative read: Mercury Retrograde Election Day at Huffington Post. A couple of important, non-astrological, points to bear in mind from Eric Francis's piece:
Behind the facade of ideology is the fact that "the business of America is business," and I don't mean the local ice cream shop. I mean the companies that can afford to buy elections -- and I mean the business of war. All the political shenanigans we witness have one end, really -- the perpetuation of constant war.
But voting is not enough. It is absolutely not enough. Not now -- and not ever. Question what you see and hear in the media. Question your own opinions. Educate others about what you learn. Use every tool at your disposal to get the word out. Take a personal stand and refuse to believe lies, and refuse to be manipulated. Research the truth yourself, and try to figure out what's really going on. Yes, Mercury will be retrograde, and it may be hard to get to the bottom of things. But astrology is no excuse.

An apt piece of poetry:

Election Day
by Ambrose Bierce

Despots effete upon tottering thrones
Unsteadily poised upon dead men's bones,
Walk up! walk up! the circus is free,
And this wonderful spectacle you shall see:
Millions of voters who mostly are fools--
Demagogues' dupes and candidates' tools,
Armies of uniformed mountebanks,
And braying disciples of brainless cranks.
Many a week they've bellowed like beeves,
Bitterly blackguarding, lying like thieves,
Libeling freely the quick and the dead
And painting the New Jerusalem red.
Tyrants monarchical--emperors, kings,
Princes and nobles and all such things--
Noblemen, gentlemen, step this way:
There's nothing, the Devil excepted, to pay,
And the freaks and curios here to be seen
Are very uncommonly grand and serene.
No more with vivacity they debate,
Nor cheerfully crack the illogical pate;
No longer, the dull understanding to aid,
The stomach accepts the instructive blade,
Nor the stubborn heart learns what is what
From a revelation of rabbit-shot;
And vilification's flames--behold!
Burn with a bickering faint and cold.
Magnificent spectacle!--every tongue
Suddenly civil that yesterday rung
(Like a clapper beating a brazen bell)
Each fair reputation's eternal knell;
Hands no longer delivering blows,
And noses, for counting, arrayed in rows.

Walk up, gentlemen--nothing to pay--
The Devil goes back to Hell to-day.


Chomp said...

Really interesting the link you posted. Considering that both Obama failed and Romney not even would think in his farthest nightmares to touch even weakly Wall Street and The Corporate Agenda world dictatorship, the only point in which there may be a true difference is the individuality.

Who between the two individual is more reliable in case of Big Crisis, that is the question...

About Romney I have many doubts, he may appear to be too ready to shot as Americans perhaps would love but, that Eastwood may not annoy, bother or worry, but in the actual international situation a revised revived perhaps bettered but substantially second Mr. Bush may not be the best choice...

We need cold blood and the capacity to face impreviewed disasters and storms and so on...

Of this ability I see Romney to lack much, too much...

Twilight said...

Chomp ~~ I wouldn't feel confidence in either Romney or Obama in a really serious, nation-wide crisis. But we have to remember that they are advised by others; it's as much the quality of their advisers that's at stake in a crisis as their own capabilities. Their powers of judgement (or whether they can be easily swayed or led) then comes into the picture.

I can only repeat - I feel no confidence in either of these men, on a personal basis. I'd prefer Joe Biden to either of them, if taking charge in a dire crisis.
This is gut-feeling only.

James Higham said...

Two unpleasant choices, neither of whom will do anything but ruin America. Sigh.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~ Yes. Gales of sighs. Sighs of relief when it's all over; sighs of frustration because of the Prez we'll be saddled with for the next 4 years - whichever one it happens to be!

Chomp said...

Let me not agree with you all, not for I agree with Obama economic policies: In economy **I am opposite to both**.

But I saw the natal charts: Romney is a sort of Bush number two.

The advisors: There are of two kinds, one kind must press you to show some sign of life and the other kind must substitute to you.

Romney has advisors of the second kind as it happened in Bush Presidency. Joe Biden better of Obama or not... Well I do agree, he would have been far better but now the opponent is Romney and so it is

Dealing with the Big Crisis. Let me simply remind you of two things: First of all, the Cardinal Crisis and the Square between Uranus and Aries will continue up to 2016, so an easy solution of the problem is out of sight at the moment; Secondly, the actual Crisis, which is like the Thirties of las Century, is based on **structural** factors in capitalism.

It is a substantial, structural, basic Crisis, not a thing you can solve with some make-up.

So Usa will go in a deeper Crisis but not only economical, on the contrary, it is highly probable that this Crisis will pass from the economy into the politics.

Possibility of war are high. Who is the bet or the less worst commander-in-chief.

That is the point. Of Bush we knew.

Of Obama we know. Of Romney it is highly probable will be a second Bush. Do we need another one of this kind... That is the very point

Twilight said...

Chomp ~~ Thank you for your insight into this. I wish I could agree with you whole heartedly - I really do.

But if there is going to be war - declared war as in WW 1 and WW 2, not just ugly occupations by the US, I doubt we'd see much difference in the way the two men would deal with it. Obama is cold-blooded, we can already see that in drone warfare when killing innocents is taken in his stride.

We don't know how Romney would proceed, but chances are he'd be no better, though I don't see, in his astrology, that he has the capability of being as cold-blooded as Obama - but he'd be advised by those who are.

Crises of one kind or another are likely to arise during the next few years - yes, agreed.
Maybe "the Devil we know" would be preferable to have at the helm than the Devil we've yet to become acquainted with.

My vote for the presidency is meaningless anyway, due to the politics of our state - Oklahoma, and the US electoral system - the Electoral College. That's why I will not cast a vote for either candidate for president; in our state there will be no 3rd choice. I'll leave the line blank in protest and showing no confidence in either candidate.

Romney will win in Oklahoma for sure and the state's Electoral Votes will go to him whatever I do, whatever my husband does, whatever his family does. It's a screwed-up system, Chomp - invented in the 18th and 19th century for a country very different from the one that the USA has become in the 21st century.

Chomp said...

Yes I do understand, it is a system thought not to give people a direct vote: In Usa you vote the Great Electors so-called, and those ones do vote in the very end. But let me only remember where, with direct electoral mandates, Europe went many times, not once, let me only remember you that Hitler was elected and Mussolini too, and where Italy has been led by a Berlusconi. Let me not speak of a Merkel, I do not want to point out too much...

Democracy is only a historical system and not the salvation of mankind, so this system lacks of a true capacity of solving problems. And in economy capitalism, moderate as in Obama style, or evident as in Romney style, capitalism is in crisis **as a system** and as a whole. Crisis is not a fact that will pass in two years or snapping the fingers...

It is structural.

Romney has Mercury retro in Pisces, Sun Pisces, that is in water sign as Bush the Second.

In a situation of crisis the commander-in-chief means, is important and he lacks of the cold blood that Obama has. War is not a good thing and the situation for the world will continue not to recover easily, Romney is too easily impressionable and too easily manipulated, that **does not mean** Obama is not so, it only means that Obama is less.

In case of crisis he is more reliable than Romney.

It has been a choice between two wrong persons but Romney was worst, so say we do not know what he would have done is wrong: We know very well, very very very well what he would have done: To return to Bush.
And, whatever wrongs Obama may have done, the age of neoliberism is over. Those policies belong to a passed age.

Finally electoral astrological considerations: In statistic of elections contrary Venus makes a candidate to presidency to lose.

Romney had opposite Venus in tenth and who underlined this in astro predictions proved to be right.

To give people direct possibility of elections **without** reforming in a structural way the economy, would ever send to command the conservative part. This is a historical rule, believe me...

Who would arrive at the point to reform the whole system, to put Wall Street and the Corporate world under control - which **is** true socialism, and **not** the Obamanomics - who would dare it...

Up to now no one. Only the continuing of the world crisis will make someone arrive at the very point, before or then.

Up to that moment, it is crucial not to return to neoliberism dictatorship which has been in charge for long too long twenty years and now is in crisis, deep crisis, irreversible. Which **does not at all** mean we will see tomoorrow or in next two years the solution, it is not. And will not.

Situation is not still mature for a real changement. But it is preparing. After that many so-called solution would have failed, one after the other one.

A last consideration, the self-made man means not very much for the rest of the world...

The greatest error Romney made has been to accept the Tea Party politics, this what made him lose in the end.

Twilight said...

Chomp ~ I'm grateful for your views, what you've written today has helped me a lot this morning.

I see that the Electoral College may have its benefits - yes.

If only the whole system hadn't been bought! But now it has been bought. And, as you've pointed out it's the result of capitalism gone wrong, gone too far. It will devour itself in the end.

I realise too, with you, that things cannot change quickly, and that things will change only when more and more cracks appear in the status quo, through continued crises, which are inevitable.

I don't feel relieved or happy today for the election result.
I feel flat and devoid of hope.
It would have been the same whichever way things had gone.
I'd have felt better had there been a better showing that The Green Party had done well, where they had candidates running. It would at least have shown that there's a good proportion of the country who can see what's going wrong and want to do what they can to change it. I haven't seen detailed results yet, but from what someone said on TV last night, third parties did not have a good showing in the results.

Again, I do appreciate your comments, wisdom and insights, Chomp. Thank you!