Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zodiac sign ARIES

Another extract from Astrology & Commonsense (1962) by 20th century British astrologer Ingrid Lind. In the first paragraph Ms Lind states very clearly one of my own favourite warnings, which ought to be repeated along with any and all interpretation of the characteristics of a given Sun sign. A little later in the extract I could not stop myself from commenting (in italics) politely I hope, on a couple of issues arising from social change over 5 decades: 1962 (when the book was published) to today in 2011.

Ingrid Lind wrote:
"ARIES I had better repeat here that no one is solely and wholly Arien, Libran, Taurean, or whatever sign it may be that corresponds to the birth-month. As I have insisted, the sun in a given Sign does not necessarily give the most prominent feature in the make-up. Indeed, if you read through the following Sign descriptions you may well recognise some friend whose Sun-sign is in fact nowhere near the Sign in question. For example, you may detect strong Arien qualities in six people of whom only one has Sun in Aries, for which the following is one explanation among others:(for Aries read any other Sign that may apply)

A has Sun in Aries.
B has Aries rising over the Eastern horizon at time of birth.
C has Mars or ruling planet in Aries.
D has no planet in Aries, but the planet Mars (ruler of Aries) exactly rising.
E has Moon in Aries (Moon affects manner).
F has a group of planets in Aries and strong aspects to Mars.

Quality: Cardinal. Element: Fire. Ruler: Mars. Positive.

If Aries figures prominently in the chart the native will be decisive, quick, self-assertive. There is something primitive and simple about the Arien, whose attitude is somewhat that of the "cave-man" who knows he depends on his own courage and initiative and does not disrelish the struggle for survival: such a man (note from me: or woman) as responds well in moments of crisis or danger and is at best in emergency. The Arien will cut his/her way through, often literally, for Ariens are at home with weapons, offensive or surgical, and if there is any red tape about, this too will give way to the shears. Deeds not words is the Arien's motto; but when he/she has done the heroic deed he/she is by no means shy of adulation. At home he needs (sorry - can't type this without another note : this next bit is sexist Ms Lind!) a wife who responds warmly to his endearments and appreciates him for his cleverness and resource; but she had better not be too much of a talker if she does not want to be silenced by a blow with the club. (Really, Ms Lind! I trust you were jesting!) Of course, there are Arien women. (You don't say?! How strange!) these will be frank, warm-hearted, decisive and capable of rising to the occasion. But what they really derive, so to speak, from Aries is their more masculine traits. If an Arien woman begin a sentence with "if you really want to know", you may be sure of a home truth.

(Note from me: I think I just proved my Arien credentials there!)

Ariens may in fact be brusque and aggressive; but they do not shrink from these qualities in others. A wire-haired terrier has a lot of Aries in his personality: he enjoys a good fight and bears no malice when it is over.
Arien Qualities Courage, initiative, decisiveness, frankness, quickness, warm-heartedness.

Arien Faults
Aggressiveness, egoism, bullying, rudeness, violent temper, lust."

Your friendly neighbourhood blogger here: I have Moon and Saturn in Aries, Saturn being traditional ruler of my Sun sign (Aquarius). Mars, ruler of Aries is in Scorpio the twin rulership of Mars. So.....

My husband has Sun in Aries, Leo Moon, Leo rising, Mars in Sagittarius but in some ways he is less Arien than I am (I think). However, neither of us likes weapons, except (in my own case) to cut through red tape.

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Gian Paul said...

Being Aries I adore being first (to answer or otherwise): What Ms. Lind may not have really appreciated sufficiently, even by her comparison with rough-haired Terriers (who are indeed adorable), is that Aries not only is courgeous, never looks back, but that he is often, literally the sacrificial lamb (the Ram sacrificed instead of Isaac).

This is part of "his business here on earth". Cannot make an omelette without braking some eggs.

Prefer the metaphor of the Terrier, rather than the one of the eggs, even if the omelette is delicious!

Astrology Unboxed said...

Dam it,Gian Paul, I wanted to be first! Being an Aries myself, I cannot hep being first even if I do want too or plan on being first.
I could help but smile. The phrase - if you really want to know - is one a quite literally use it, when I am ready to throw some home truth.
What I like about being an Aries is their child-like energy and a certain air of innocence.
As for disclosure, I am Aries sun in the first house with a Pisces rising.

Wisewebwoman said...

My eldest is an Aries, T, so this post (sans misogyny!) was of great interest.

James Higham said...

There is something primitive and simple about the Arien, whose attitude is somewhat that of the "cave-man"

Certainly that was so with a former gf of mine.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ hmmmm - sacrificial lamb - interesting. I hadn't know that connection. Any examples in history?

The wire haired terrier has exactly the right feel - Jack Russells too are in the right "ballpark". Any Chihuahuas I've met seem to have the negative side of Mars (a bit mean and snarly!)

Twilight said...

Astrology Unboxed (Fabienne) ~~
Yes there's certainly a childlike feel to Aries - and Leo too.
sagittarius seems to be the "grown-up" version of Fire people. :-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Glad it's of interest.
Yes - I found the misogynistic bits surprising coming from the pen of a woman. i've come across the same thing several times from male astrologers of that time.
I didn't realise that we've come so far - but am very glad to realise it. We must be doing something right! :-)

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~ I don't get the "primitive" feel as much as the "simple". I recall my very first boss once described me as "simple - as in uncomplicated not weak-minded"(adding the last bit to save my feelings, I guess and avoid getting my resignation) ;-)

Gian Paul said...

There is a historic example of an Aries/sacrificial type in Swiss history: The locally famous hero Winkelried (pictured with a Ram-type helmet) embraced the long Habsburgian lances pointed at the Helvetes, dieing in the process, but opening a brèche for who followed and they then finally kicked the Austrians out of Switzerland. Late 14th century.

PS. Some cynics have it that Winkelried's final words were not "God help the Swiss" but "who's the bastard who pushed me?"...

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Good example - didn't know of Winkelried (Swiss history tended to be skimmed over - at best - during my school days)

I thought of a more modern example (well kind of an example) - Al Gore was a sacrificial lamb when the Supreme Court ruled that George W. bush had won the presidential election in the USA in 2000 when the public's votes were so tightly aligned.
Then again, it was the whole nation who became sacrificial lambs - with hindsight!