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Is a 'Porsche Spyder Hybrid 918' selling for $918'000 any progress? Even if only manufactured in a limited edition of 918 units? The progress may be there, limited production! And also, it's being sold "exclusively" in America, the land of abundance.

To respond to this, in my view most silly Porsche of all times (commercially it's probably even a success...), I would say that a hybrid car these days at best is a fashion, a gag. In a crammed Porsche some of those extra electric devices can only be a hindrance to comfort. Never liked Porsches, two of my former bosses were driving such a thing. One of them, when going on vacation, had his driver following him and his wife with a Mercedes, carrying the luggage. Wasting energy with two cars!

I had to think of that "Porsche story" when I red Twilight's post of walking a dog in the park and showing a locomotive (steam variety) with the caption by H.H. Ellis: "What we call progress is the exchange of one nuisance for another!"

But more seriously: Energy, what should humanity do about it, besides driving a hybrid Porsche sports-car? It's becoming a real problem, if one considers that soon there will be an unsustainable quantity of water (and of the drinkable variety) wasted for each mile per gallon driven. This because of "shale oil production", "horizontal drilling" and "fractioning", using enormous amounts of good water, often also contaminating, as a side effect, other good water in the surrounding grounds.

As for nuclear: the latest preoccupation these days, since the earthquake in Japan has brought fears of similar tragedies elsewhere.

The way out, progress never ending, is to move away from uranium/plutonium to a new technique, with apparently even some merit. The main merit being that instead of producing plutonium (the stuff used in nuclear bombs), this technique burns it off!

The champions in this field are, you possibly guessed it, the Chinese. (Another Sputnik moment for Obama, if he already has heard of it...).

The miracle-to-come is THORIUM. The Chinese are not the only ones experimenting with it. So are the Norwegians, fearing to run out of oil one day, and the French - never short of experimenting new things when it comes to nuclear. The thorium nuclear story has indeed some convincing arguments going for it:

(Right: Thorium proton accelerator).
1) Thorium can be found in many granite rock deposits all over the world.
2) In case of a melt-down of a nuclear reactor the process would stop by itself as to burn thorium one has to bombard it with plutonium originated particles. This process, by definition, would cease to operate when things start to "melt-down". Everything stops, so we are told.
3) As already mentioned, instead of producing plutonium, it would help to dispose of this dreadly stuff, although in very small amounts, compared to all the plutonium already "laying around" in provisorical or improvised deposits as now visible in that Japanese nuclear plant.

But who knows, there is maybe no need to worry about our "energy-future". Something positive might happen and these hybrid cars (Porsche-Spyders and other, more normal ones) possibly are already on the "right track". It's either gasoline (and a lots of precious drinking water wasted to get there) or plenty of electricity from Thorium. Up to the driver "to switch the button", as simple as that.

I like, besides astrology, Greek mythology. It always struck me that the ancient Greeks had the right idea when imagining that various "Gods" were having a ball experimenting with the creation and periodical extinction of various species (mammoths and others). Thinking of it, modern scientists are quite boring in comparison, starting with Darwin.

(Left: THOR by Johannes Gehrts.) What we do not know, is why are humans on this earth allowed to experiment the way they do. It may be more than just accident. Possibly those "Greek or other Gods" are even keeping a closer eye on earthly affairs than we dare to think. I personally, admitting to being a romantic, at least hope that such is the case.

Under an astrological angle, as seen from today, with all those significant planets in Cardinal Signs (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus - and soon also Mars - in Aries; Saturn in Libra; Pluto in Capricorn, one may wonder if there is any connection with what possibly, in a few years, will already be called
the "Era of God-blessed-Thorium" - Thor, being a Nordic deity, by the way.


Twilight said...

You raise some very important issues, GP!

The issue of water shortages is paramount. I read an article about it just a few minutes ago:
"Billion-Plus People to Lack Water in 2050: Study"



We, as a species have so many problems to solve now. The astrological atmosphere being heavily cardinal ought to be a help, but we remain re-active instead of being pro-active.

If the gods are watching they must be tearing out their hair at our complacency!

Thorium sounds to be one answer - let's hope there's money to be made in the process though - for it not no corporation will bother to develop it sufficiently to make a difference.


Twilight said...

should read "for if not no corporation...."

Gian Paul said...

In my view "the gods up there" are more patient than we can imagine. No need for them tearing out their hair - but if we "nicely cooperate", they may celebrate and even invite those of us who merit to their feast!

PS. Would hope to meet you in person at such a festive occasion...

Gian Paul said...
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RafaelVR said...

Interesting! Even then when I just checked the astrological chart for the year of 1828-1829 which supposedly was the discovered it as a new rare earth element Thorium, Neptune was in Capricorn (earth), Pluto was in Aries(fire), Saturn was in Cancer (water), all cardinals, plus a north node in Libra (air), both years the configuration remained cardinal.

Gian Paul said...

Thankyou RafaelVR for looking that one up. The many planets now transiting Aries might be activating the Pluto-position in Aries when Thorium was discovered.

Difficult to imagine that all nuclear plants around the world will be shut down, some may be converted to Thorium - if that starts working out economically (and if "those up there" wish that to happen...).

PS. I understand that the French are well advanced with their plant near Grenoble. Only the name is scaring: Creys-Malville (the bad or condemned city?)

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ LOL! We shall have a celebratory drink in Bacchus's Bar !

Gian Paul said...

Will bring along a magnum Chateau Pommard, 1984 which I am keeping since some time now for "an unexpected occasion".

Possibly that we can get Bacchus involved personally - he then may open his private cellar for us...

So nice you thought of him, good ground work you're doing there.

Anonymous said...


And get this: Kenneth Brannagh is releasing the movie THOR in 2011 -- about the god!
We have a synchronicity, folks!

Wikipedia says that Thor is associated with revitalization of the earth, and his hammer was originally a drilling tool for seed planting. Many of his myths involved WATER, too.

I am thinking also (duh) of Thor's lightning bolt and Uranus-Aries and Aries stellium.

GP, this is truly original. Hats off and corks pop!

Gian Paul said...

To Anon. I think that there are links between Thor/thursday=day of Jupiter and possibly the USA, Thanksgiving, the national day of celebration for "the seeds that bore fruit".

Jupiter being prominent right now in Aries/cardinal.

The US government staying with "safe nuclear energy" - O. just said.