Thursday, March 17, 2011


Following hard on the heels of yesterday's "Astro-fascism", next for the mental-shredder is another peculiar publication.

I picked up a used book the other day at our local "Books Galore" store: The Real Meaning of the Zodiac by D. James Kennedy PH.D.(1989). I should really have left it on the shelf after reading the blurb on the back cover:

"Cataclysmic events have shaken our world. Uncertainty is on the rise, and so is interest in the occult and astrology.

Startling discoveries related by eminent theologian Dr. D. James Kennedy prove that god created the Zodiac! God intended the stars to foretell the future of the world. ........"
Really? Really!!!

You know, sometimes I think astrology can be likened to one of those multi-purpose kitchen gadgets one can use to slice, or dice, or seive, or open a can, or play a tune upon, or use as a door-stop - dependent upon on who's handling the thing. Astrology and its zodiac are at the mercy of any writer with a vivid imagination, to be used and bent to their will and purpose. This book is a good example. I can't bear to read most of what is written. Towards the end of the book the author has the cheek to say

"I would like to repeat that the bible very explicitly condemns astrology in all forms and those who look unto astrologers as well. We are to have nothing to do with this pagan corruption........."

So - what is this guy doing using the tools of astrology, developed over countless centuries, to get a book published and.... to make money ? It's just like playing a tune on that kitchen gadget - using it for a purpose never intended.

The last chapter of the book is given to "The Significance of the Twelve Signs from a Christian Perspective". Starting with Virgo (the Virgin) of course, it would, wouldn't it?

Virgo - The seed of the woman

Libra - The required price paid

Scorpio - The mortal conflict

Sagittarius - The final triumph

Capricornus - Life out of death

Aquarius - Blessing out of victory

Pisces - Deliverance out of bondage

Aries - Glory out of humiliation

Taurus - His glorious coming

Gemini - Hus union with his bride

Cancer - His possessions held secure

Leo - His enemies destroyed.
I do not wish to disrespect the beliefs of anyone, in anything they wish to believe, or disbelieve. But using the tools of an ancient system, which is openly and vehemently derided by the author, who obviously has no clear idea of what astrology actually tries to do, and then using those tools to peddle something completely different - and for monetary gain - amounts to absolute hyprocrisy in my book.


Vanilla Rose said...

What a flipping cheek!

Cannot say I am surprised. A friend once gave me a supposedly vegetarian cookbook which contained recipes with fish and gelatine. I think even chicken. A blatant attempt to cash in on a belief system the author disagreed with, and the publishers ignored my letters on the matter.

R J Adams said...

Ha-ha! You should have looked up who he was before wasting your money. If it's the same guy, this is the D. James Kennedy who started the Coral Ridge Ministries in the seventies. One of America's most 'successful' fire and brimstone spouters.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ Same sort of thing exactly. Yes, flippin' cheek indeed!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ Should've, would've could've: story of my life RJ!

He'll be headed for the old fire and brimstone himself, along with the rest of us unless a few people wake up and get their act together.