Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin Governor: Scott Walker

I'm interested to see the natal chart of Scott Walker (not the singer - been there done that: here), but Scott Walker the Republican Governor of Wisconsin. His attempt to strip many state workers of their collective bargaining rights has brought about massive peaceful protest and become national and international news during the past week. He won the office of Governor in last year's general election - on his birthday, November 2, defeating the Democratic candidate 52% to 46%.

Scott Walker was born on 2 November 1967 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Chart set for noon - time of birth unavailable.

I wasn't surprised to find a clutch of planets in Scorpio. An overdose of this passionate and determined sign in one's natal chart is going to manifest pretty noticeably, one way or another. Sun/Mercury, Neptune and Moon (whatever his birth time) all in Scorpio. And another clutch of planets in meticulous, critical Virgo: Jupiter & Pluto/Venus/Uranus - the last three conjoined. That little lot together is a heck of a combination, could be close on deadly - uncomfortable at best! Wish I knew where the angles fell in his chart, but without time of birth that remains a mystery.

A bit more detail: Sun/Mercury in Scorpio flanked by two helpful sextile aspects - one to Mars at 7 Capricorn, the other to Jupiter at 2 Virgo - there's nothing there to lighten that Scorpio intensity - in fact these sextiles from Mars (energy, aggression) and Jupiter (excess) could add to it!

A Yod (Finger of Fate) in Walker's chart is interesting. It links the sextile between Jupter and Sun/Mercury to Saturn in Aries via two quincunx (150*) aspects.
Saturn, planet of limitation & laws, being at the apex of the Yod acts as conduit for the combined characteristics of the sextiled planets. Being translated this = Excessively intense passionate opinion manifesting via the rule of law & restriction.

Even more interesting, in view of the Yod, is that Jupiter in its current transit, is astrologically conjoining Walker's natal Saturn, even as I type, bringing even more emphasis to the configuration. Uranus, planet of change and the unexpected, will come within a couple of degrees of Walker's natal Saturn in late spring this year. How this will manifest is anybody's guess.

I shall watch and learn! "Interesting" times ahead!

Anyone who harbours anti-union feelings, and I know that many otherwise reasonable people do, and anyone who considers that Governor Walker is doing the right thing would do well to think on these words:

“Although it is true that only about 20 percent of American workers are in unions, that 20 percent sets the standards across the board in salaries, benefits and working conditions. If you are making a decent salary in a non-union company, you owe that to the unions. One thing that corporations do not do is give out money out of the goodness of their hearts.” ~ Molly Ivins.

"........It’s crucial to understand what the regressive initiative that our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin are right now fighting is really all about, and how that fits into the context of our era. This is just the latest, and nearly the last, in a succession of efforts in America over the last three decades to move money from the hands of non-elites to those of oligarchs. Make no mistake, that program constitutes essentially the sum total of American politics at its core over the last generation. All else is a sideshow or, more likely and more ominously, an intentional diversion, just as a skilled magician is careful to give your eye something else to focus on as he moves the ball from under the cup........"
From an excellent essay at http://www.regressiveantidote.net/Articles/Waking_Up_In_Wisconsin.html by Prof. David Michael Green


Gian Paul said...

In my view that man will be "in the press" for some considerable time. Neptune being now direct, also opposing his Jupiter, not just Sun and Mars, but then going retrograde again until it's last exact and direct opposition of Walker's Jupiter in around April 2012.

He will probably outlive the Qhaddafi's and other Sheiks.

Gian Paul said...
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Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Hi (I deleted the dupicate post - internet acting up again I guess).

I hope you're wrong GP, but I suspect you are correct! He's backed by the dreaded Tea Party which in turn is backed by the dreaded Koch brothers. :-(

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Your quotation by the late Molly Ivins is so true. It's too bad so many otherwise "reasonable people", as you said, don't realize that this particular "trickle-down" effect really did have a positive consequence for most of working America.

Back in a "previous life", when I worked for a manufacturer of engineered equipment, although I was management I still benefited from the negotiated agreements between the company and the union. We received many of the added perks, such as paid-holidays, along with several of the better attributes of the health insurance programs. As a "tag-along", I never realized how much better my benefits were until I left. Not being indirectly associated with a union, afterward, was a very sobering experience.

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~ Hello there!
Very nice to see you here. :-)

Yes. The majority of my own working life was in "the public sector" (in the UK) - a dept. dealing with what are called Labor Laws in the US. I was a union member until I arrived at management level, when I still supported members. It's not only a matter of $$$$$$ at stake - it's conditions, hours, vacation time, sick pay etc.

From what I have picked up about conditions in the US (I'm retired now) they are far below what we enjoyed in the UK, both in public and private business.

Maggie Thatcher all but killed the unions in the UK though - daughter of the devil if ever I saw one-

What is left of the unions both here and across the pond is still too valuable to lose. I hope the fight continues.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Twilight, yes, I'm glad to be able to "drop in"! As your subheading indicates, I, too, believe "astrology permeates everything".

As far as unions, I agree with you. What fragments remain, those being mostly public, have been decimated over the last conservatively-inspired, and dominated, thirty years. They're hanging on by a thread. If the thread snaps, I'm positive it'll be the death knell for working folks everywhere (as if it can possibly get any worse, which it can).

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~(Oh thanks for the positive remark on astrology - I always feel a wee bit reticient,embarrassed even, to mention it outside of astro-friendly circles). ;-)

Let's hope the thread by which our hopes now hang can be strengthened somehow, as more become aware of exactly what is at stake.

I feel pretty useless to do much to help, other than write a word or two occasionally and hope that someone, somewhere who hadn't given the matter much thought, will begin to do so.

Arthur said...

Very interesting. With the Sun/Moon Scorpio stellium and with Venus cramped between Uranus and Pluto in the sign of the Virgin wouldn't a fly on the wall have some juicy secrets to share? Some other points: no oppositions, no air signs, new moon, not really interested in feedback or able to relate to the opinions of others. Transiting Pluto on his natal Mars. He may have overplayed his hand but he's definitely not going away soon.

Twilight said...

Arthur ~~ Many thanks for those additonal points. It all adds up!

I doubt there's a way for him to go away soon enough for most of us. Apparently re-call process cannot begin until early 2012.

Dave 8 said...

Good point by Arthur re lack of feedback. Virgo/ Scorpio/ Capricorn sextiles reinforcing seriousness and rules. Mars square saturn in mutual reception - hard work is the only answer. Both sun and jupiter inconjunct saturn, no integration of well-being or benevolence. He has an oppressive mindset, so he has become the oppressor. "Nothing in life is free", "pull yourself up by your bootstraps", "get the other guy first before he gets you". He is win/lose rather than win/win.

Twilight said...

Dave 8 ~ Many thanks for reading, commenting and adding your astro-observations. I'd forgotten about this post - it might be worth running it again, or maybe linking to it from a new post, sometime during the next few weeks. :-)