Sunday, February 27, 2011

Retro-Oscars, Planet-flavoured.

The Oscars.....yawn...awards show will be on TV tonight. If nominations more nearly matched my own taste the show might be worth watching. Neither The King's Speech nor Social Network, which seem to be getting the most drumming-up, are my idea of memorable movies. We saw both. Both are fact-based, more like embroidered documentaries. Colin Firth does deserve his acclaim but other than that I remain distinctly underwhelmed.

For me, it's the movies that live on in memory, sometimes for decades, that are Oscar-worthy. They should do a Retro-Oscar award show, at least 10 years after release dates.

A personal list of favourite movies, most long-gone, none ever forgotten. Several were award-winners or received nominations, in their own time too, some were overlooked.

I've added a smidgin of astrological flavour: instead of the usual categories (Best Film, Best Actor etc.) a movie for each planet and light.

Sun ~~~ Ben Hur (the best - outshines all else for me, and I have no religious beliefs!)

Moon ~~~ Prince of Tides (great emotional pull)

Mercury ~~~ Network (all about communication)

Venus ~~~ Bridges of Madison County (love)

Mars ~~~ The Victors (war)

Jupiter ~~~ Across the Universe (had to fit it in somewhere!)

Saturn ~~~ Cool Hand Luke (prison, restriction)

Uranus ~~~ 2001 A Space Odyssey (for obvious reasons)

Neptune ~~~ Man With the Golden Arm (addiction)

Pluto ~~~ From Here to Eternity (war/death)

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