Tuesday, February 08, 2011

President Obama ~ Victim or Willing Puppet?

An article at Common Dreams this weekend:
The Stasis of the Union -- One Last Take by novelist Philip Kraske, along with some intereting commentary on the piece, highlighted something that's been bugging me for a while. It set me on a mission to find astrological support.

Mr. Kraske's essay focuses on the President's State of the Union speech on 25 January. In the final paragraphs he writes:
Hope blazes like crazy: more economic growth, lower corporate taxes, more technology and Internet access will save the day. Congress applauds, the public swoons from the poetry, and the kindest thing you can say about Obama is that he is simply yet another weak president unable to tame the Pentagon, the corporations, and the financial barons.

You have to wonder how much of this he knew before winning election -- and how much he was quietly told in the Oval Office.

That, more or less, is what has been bugging me for some time, with related question: was Barack Obama groomed for this deliberately? Was it another shrewd move by those in the shadows, those holding the reins whatever party and whichever personality play the parts of king and courtiers for a given span of time? Was President Obama well aware that the picture he was presenting to his adoring crowds of supporters in 2008 was nothing but a pipe dream - theirs, not his?

The President's natal chart using details from Astrodatabank:

Astrology could/should offer some evidence.

In previous posts I've put emphasis, in Obama-related matters, on planet Neptune, elevated in his natal chart and casting a cloak of illusion/delusion over all. After wading through several interpretations of the President's natal chart, most dating from 2008, I eventually landed on one by astrologer Elbert Wade - one I hadn't seen before. I reckon Mr. Wade is to be heartily congratulated on this. Other astrologers may have made these points too, but I haven't come across any similar examples.

I'll provide a link to the page rather than copying any part of it, as from the copyright notice on his website it is clear he would not appreciate any copy & paste efforts.

President Barack Obama Natal Horoscope -- with Astrologically-Based Comments

The article was written in July 2008, 4 months before the General Election.

To give a passing reader some idea of what is said in the parts particularly relevant to my point, I'll simply provide a summary of those parts:

Mr Wade points out that a strong right-side to the natal chart indicates a follower rather than a leader... he actually uses the words "puppet rather than pupeteer"!

Jupiter & Saturn in 12th house of seclusion could indicate secret or concealed funds or deals, or support, and two trines to these planets in 12th (from Moon and Mars) add to the feeling of un-disclosed deals or secrets.

I'm "playing a lone hand" at home on this tack. My husband isn't convinced that Obama is anything but a good guy hamstrung by the wicked Republicans, and corporations. I believe he's not hamstrung, but simply doing his masters' business, as will any future president. Any future president will have to meet with the approval of the true Powers That Be. Any upstart who looks like being a thorn in their side will be immediately sidelined and discredited by media (owned lock stock and pimply reporter by the Powers That Be) and eventually be somehow crushed.

The president isn't hamstrung, we the people are.


Gian Paul said...

Just to continue a bit more on your post of last Saturday: "What-if", Twilight, and since the new Governor of Hawaii, after suposedly due investigation (he is a Democrat) confirmed that there is no trace of proven birth of Obama in Hawaii, I made his horoscope for the case he were born in Mombasa, Kenya. His Ascenadant would not be in mid Aquarius, but at the end of that sign, 27 degres 20' - always using the same hour of birth.

More telling, using that hypothetical "if-born-in-Mombasa-horoscope", the cusp of the eleventh house would fall at 27 degrees 36' of Capricorn, thereby separating Obama's Saturn from Jupiter (both retrograde).

Saturn (R) in House eleven indicates "obscure projects", using a simple formula. That is that to be Potus was more for reasons of personal, egocentric ambition than "idealistically" for the good of the country or at least for that of his own electorate.

Jupiter (R) in House twelve, that of hidden, obscure things, and Jupiter being traditionally related to authority, establishment, the rich, would hint at Philip Kraske having "hit the nail exactly on its head - in this case - ugly head".

So much for the astrological support, clarification I can give.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ thanks for your always welcome input GP.

There are so many "what-ifs" related to Prez. Obama - so much Neptunian mist surrounding him that it's impossible to be sure about anything at all.

All we can do is attempt to identify possibilities.

If there's any good at all coming from his presidency it's that more people will begin to realise who is really in charge here - and it ain't the Prez.

Anon And Ever said...

Well the question is really interesting and, though too long to be easily justified in a mere comment, I do agree with the ones who say that Obama is more a puppet than a puppeteer, while about Bush I think he was nearer to the world of puppeteers...

Anyway unfortunately, in this No Solution Age, the commanders remain the same. For how long time it is not diifficult to be said...

Twilight said...

AnonAndEver ~~~Hi there!

Yes, G.W. Bush was, I guess, expected to be part of the puppeteering business himself, due to his Republican background - and he didn't ever, as far as I know issue clarion calls of hope and change for the downtrodden. He didn't pretend to be anything he wasn't (I'm too ladylike to define exactly what he was/is).

A favourite quote of mine from Shakespeare's sonnet XCIV fits:

The summer's flower is to the summer sweet,
Though to itself, it only live and die,
But if that flower with base infection meet,
The basest weed outbraves his dignity:
For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.

Interesting, yet depressing times!

R J Adams said...

The Obama presidency is likely to prove historically interesting. At present, no-one can be sure of the situation; either you, or your husband, could be correct in your assumptions. Personally, I see the key to it all in Obama's efforts to win bi-partisan support by wooing the Republicans.

The continual see-sawing effect of successive governments (Repubs in power, then Dems, then Repubs once more, ad infinitum) is not good for business interests. The corporates would much prefer a single-minded government under their control, but they realize there's no way a right-wing party can hold onto power indefinitely. An amalgamation would suit them just fine. They could give a little to the left, while keeping most of the right-wing policies beneficial to them (like tax cuts for the wealthy). This appears to be happening right now.

The idea of a one-party state masquerading as a two party democracy is nothing new. It worked in Britain under Tony Blair for more than a decade. So successful was it, that it enabled the formation of a once unheard of coalition of Tory and Liberal Democrat. Lloyd-George must be spinning in his grave.

It's not an easy balancing act, having a majority of politicians in accord, when they're drawn from both parties, but the clever part is fooling the electorate into believing there are still policy differences (something that's become a problem for Nick Clegg) and it's worthwhile to vote. Of course, many of the policy promises made pre-election never make it onto the statute books anyway. Though, it's a little more difficult in this technological age to let them drop and hope the public forget about them.

The secret, I believe, is to have a majority of members of both parties in political harmony (not too difficult if the lobbyists cough-up enough money!), while leaving sufficient rebels on the far-right and far-left to shout from the sidelines of Congress. Although politically ineffective, they keep the electorate interested and believing there are still two political parties with divergent policies.

Frankly, I think it's likely you're both right. Obama was a relatively 'good guy' who found out very quickly that he wouldn't be allowed to do many of the things he expected to achieve. Now, he's decided a certain amount of toe-ing the line is the best medicine, while using his natural guile to slip-in the odd 'deal' when circumstances prove favorable. He may even have been promised a second term, if he's a 'good boy'.

Of course, all three of us could be totally wrong.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ Great summary of the situation, RJ - thanks!

I think you might be giving Obama too much credit though. I think he always knew what he'd be able to do, andthat he was catapulted into power deliberately by complicit corporative media input.

Hillary Clinton (who'd have been no different, I guess) was originally runaway favourite.
Dennis Kucinich, was offering everything many Americans are now crying for, and was sidelined and ridiculed early on - all by media.

Obama was "the chosen". Such good PR - a half-black guy, and an intellectual (after the nincompoop who'd gone before). Something so good and so new which would inflame the international press and the raise opinion of other countries about the USA, which, by 2008 was right down there in the gutter.

Obama does seem to be a nice guy in terms of being a good family man, that's the only positive thing I can find to say. And it's not enough - by miles! :-)

jude cowell said...

Great article and thread on the president, thanks. Haven't read Mr. Wade's analysis of BHO but I will.

Since 2008 I have made much of Obama's Virgoan Mars precisely conjoining US n Neptune 22Vir25 as a picture of his 'rockstar' image and how most of we-the-people cannot clearly see his actions and motivations since they're hidden, as you say.

Also of interest: his slipping away from the 2008 campaign trail to meet w the Bilderbergers in Chantilly VA (June '08 if memory serves) - and so did Hillary - where, I believe BHO became the power elite's 'chosen one' as you mention.

The line of US presidents have been globalist-backed for decades and probably earlier. It pains me to say that the US isn't 'run' by the W-H as much as by a secret hand which is centered in the world banking class of plutonian actors, w tr Pluto in Cap opposing US n Venus, Jupiter (now), and soon, the presidential Sun (and eventually opposing our n Mercury Rx.) No easy solutions for the people or for the US gov there w our national sovereignty under threat as well.

Well, thanks again for this excellent post and comments, everyone - it's painful but you've made me think! Jude

Twilight said...

Jude Cowell ~~ Hi there! Thanks for your input here which is much appreciated.

Hmmmm - what you've told us makes the outlook even more depressing - I wasn't aware of the Bilderbergers visit - or hadn't connected its implications.

Getting the $$$$$$$$$$$$ out of elections would help, but that's not going to happen - how could it, knowing what we know (or are assuming).

Even if (and it's a big "if") Americans started to "Walk like an Egyptian" I suspect it wouldn't get us very far here. Too much power and might available to the powers that be.

Something will happen though....not soon, but sometime. either natural or man-made.
Nature abhors balance and the whole thing, both in the USA and world at large, is way out of balance. Then and only then will change happen in the USA, in my opinion.

Twilight said...

...should have typed "nature abhors imbalance"

anyjazz said...

Good post and conversation on a subject far too complicated for me. It appears we will all have to hide and watch this time. The whole situation seems out of our immediate control.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Yes, that's about the size of it, sorry to say.

As long as we can find an interesting place to hide...it'll be okay. ;-)

Gian Paul said...

I don't know who said it, but "each nation deserves it's ruler".

It's obviously proven for the USA, presently (and probably was so in the past):

America stands for free enterprise, capitalism - and all "that money can buy". The Bilderberg guys are probably also following that type of "American recepy".

Look at Italy right now: a remnant of Roman times i.e national "atavism". It's ruled by sex. Even at the Vatican, where they are pontificating about it. But Caligula was probably tops at it. Since then it's declining and Berlusconi is what's left of those "glorius times".

And Germany (presently): The daughter of a Lutheran pastor calling the shots, even over the rest of most of Europe.

And Switzerland: The government there (a colegiate of 7) is now majotity run by 4 women) - Switzerland was the last country in otherwise civilized Europe to concede women the right to vote. This was in around 1970...

And Belgium: no government since ages, about to split into 2 or 3. No wonder, the Belgians originate from a ferocious teutonic tribe whom the Romans had transplanted where they are living now in order to fence off the Vikings. But their patrons and enemies now gone a long time ago, the Belgians are seeking sort of an identity other then to just be host to the Euro-bureaucracy.

And there are other examples, the Portuguese, Greek, Spanish...

May God bless them all!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Yes, I guess that's right.

The people are supposed to choose their leaders in a so-called democracy. If they actually did this, with no interference from outside influences, over several decades, such a corporate-run media, (in the US case) would the result be the same?

Brainwash, gradual and continuous has gone on here for a long time.

Not sure how the rest of the examples have come about, but I suspect there's far less of the brainwash going on in those countries, so perhaps the people's choice is what the majority wished for (deserved?)

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Thanx, pal. You rrrock! We all know, don't we, that as soon as the paranoid 'prez' declares martial law, FEMA/paramilitary is gonna come for those who speak dissent on the paranoid, worthless government? Those who don't tow-the-line will be put into Concentration Camps set-up by the 33 as a cover for depopulation?? Thus, we'll become martyrs serving a just cause for our Divine Judgment? Kick, some, ass! My hat's off to you, brudda, for standing without fear for something much greater than yourself. God bless you! See ya soon Upstairs where we'll have summa God's POW!erfull beer. Be at peace; be at ease, Soldier o'Christ.