Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That titanicky T-squarey thing......

How did that titanicky T-squarey thing work out for y'all in 2010 ? (I borrow questionable style from a fellow Aquarius-Sun with whom I have nothing in common except perhaps the love of a nice jacket). "You betcha!" (Wink).

Checking back on my six or seven archived posts on the topic "2010", easily accessed by anyone curious enough to do so by clicking on "2010" in the Label Cloud in the sidebar to the right(first item), I looked for my overall message with regard to the T-square of the past summer. It seems to have been along the lines of: "Don't panic, there might be some iffy moments but all-in-all this ol' world will keep trundling on much as usual."

As so often in the past any extreme and dire predictions turned out to be over-done. Reality is more subtle, or slower to develop, even though carrying within it the same "flavour" of more extreme predictions. So the message I've started taking away from words of most high-profile astrologers is to dilute 'em by half, or three-quarters - or even more than that at times.

Massive oil leaks from a damaged BP rig in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and other kinds of leaks courtesy of Wikileaks, along with continuing financial crises throughout Europe and the USA were probably the most identifiable correlations with this summer's T-square. Reverberations are on-going.

Certainly 2010 cannot be marked down as "a good year", but neither did it turn out as disastrous as some might have expected. Those who have lost homes and jobs could well argue against that statement though. The titanic T-square did cast a giant shadow over things in general, not least over the reputation of US President Barack Obama, originally thought to be "the best thing for the USA since sliced bread". He isn't, and will not be. He has shown us very clearly whose side he's on - and it ain't the side of the working people and poor of the USA. If the titanic T-square did anything for me - it opened my eyes very wide indeed on that score.

On a more personal level, my husband may have felt fall-out "effects" of the T-square. His personal planets in early Aries and late Pisces were part of the configuration. He underwent minor surgery to have a pacemaker fitted in late summer. All was well, and contuinues to be so. It all came as a big surprise, though; he had had no real symptoms or problems. Uranus formed part of the T-square formation and was close-on husband's natal Sun (Sun=self). Surprise is Uranus' stock-in-trade. Whenever Uranus is around a personal planet - expect the unexpected!

So, what awaits us all in 2011?

Better unwrap the old tarot deck again, ready for Friday.


Anonymous said...

I think the old world seems to go as usual due to the ability of humans to adjust to any circumstances. I suppose the only thing that would create real lasting chaos would be a world wide war or something. Also, even though the western world may seem to sail through 2010 more smoothly then astro predicted, i don't think the lifes of people in disaster areas like haiti or flooded pakistan would be the same. so maybe the dire predictions came true mostly for third world countries, and the stronger nations can cope with such difficulties more easily and continue life as usual (just compare the effects of recent strong earthquakes in japan and in haiti).

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ Thanks for pointing that out, and I agree. I do wish, though, that more astrologers would make such points more clearly at the time they roll out dire predictions for any given time-span: i.e. that they are predicting for the whole planet not necessarily for those people most likely reading their stuff.

Hardly a year passes, T-square or none, without some weather-related disaster in the world. We have to take that into consideration too, but I agree that those in 2010 add to the overall feel of it being "a bad year" rather than a reasonably good one.....not sure when the last reasonably good one was to be honest! ;-)

Vanilla Rose said...

I thought 2009 was tough, but my grandmother died in January 2010, which made it hard for me to think of the year in a positive way. Maybe if it had happened in May, it wouldn't have seemed to be a reflection on the year.

Many other family members lost grandparents, there seemed to be a lot of elderly people bowing out after having had enough of being frail and infirm. And we miss them.

The year brought a lot of other challenges, but I think I am working out ways to deal with them.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ So sorry to read of your loss. I know how hard these things are to come to terms with, and most of all at this time of year. The nostalgia and feelings of loss which we learn to deal with bit by bit during the year always come back each Christmas-time....for me anyway.

I hope that 2011 is an easier year for you and yours. Warm wishes and a big hug.

Vanilla Rose said...

Thank you.