Thursday, December 02, 2010


The following is a snippet from the section "Introducing the Moon" in The Psychic Explorer ("A down-to-earth guide to six magical arts: astrology, auras, the Tarot, dowsing, palmistry, ESP") by Jonathan Cainer & Carl Rider. (First published 1986). Astrological input from Mr. Cainer; Mr. Rider is a writer and philosopher who specialises in psychic and paranormal research.

Our modern world is very solar. Despite recent advances in the feminist cause, we still live in a society dominated by male energy - and perhaps that is one reason why masculine sun signs have become so popular! There is a strong tendency for most of us to accept glib, generalized information and simplified scientific truisms. The sun rules "simplicity", and it also speaks of "material growth and self-interest", two very characteristic 20th-century ideals. The lunar principles of compassion, sympathy and understanding do exist in our world, but most of us would agree that they normally play a muted second fiddle in the process of human motivation.

.......It is crucial to recognize that people of either sex have two sides to their personality. Inside every macho man is a soft, poetic, sensitive individual trying to get out. Inside every soft woman is a strong, capable and ambitious person waiting for an opportunity to express herself. However, most women, at least on a superficial level, find it easier to identify with the lunar side of their character, while most men have more affinity with solar energy. In other words, women are often more in touch with their moon signs and men with their sun signs.

If you can accept the notion that each individual is not just a one-dimensional personality with a cardboard cut-out facade but a complicated, sensitive mixture of differing (and sometimes opposing) inclinations, you are ready to enter the world of real astrology......

As we will soon enter the second decade of the 21st century, let's hope the influence of the second fiddler (the Moon) will come more to the fore in the world at large than it ever has done in the 20th century, and until now. A beautiful second-fiddle solo or two wouldn't go amiss!


Wisewebwoman said...

It's high time for Luna, bring her on!

Anonymous said...

Gian Paul: In ancient India (and some remaining enclaves) there functioned various "Matriarchats" - and from what has been reported (objectively one must hope), it all functioned very well. Man continued to "play their usual (important) games", women were calling the shots of the real, non gaming world.

I am all ready to see it come to the West.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Hear hear!!!

Twilight said...

Anon (Gian Paul) ~~~ Me too (I think), and yet, and's not exactly that I/we want women to be more powerful - more that we need the feminine principles to come more to the fore - whether they manifest in men or women.