Friday, December 17, 2010

Arty Farty Friday ~ Zodiac of Christmas Tree Decor

There's little that's more arty-farty than decorating the home for Christmas. Central to the arty farty decor, in most cases, will be "The Tree". Just for fun I've trawled Google Image to find a style of tree to match each zodiac sign's characteristics.

~ Always on the run, impatient, no time to do arty-farty!

TAURUS - traditional to the core.

GEMINI ~ symbolised by "the twins" - so...

CANCER ~ Soft and sentimental.

LEO ~ Expensive!
Jeweler Steve Quick has created the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. On display at Steve Quick Jewelers in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, the tree is made out of five solid pounds of 18k yellow gold and decorated with 250 carats of round brilliant and briolette diamonds. The platinum star on top, set with a 4.52 carat diamond, is detachable so the owner can wear it as a pendant.

VIRGO~ Practical, non-fussy.

LIBRA ~ Beautifully balanced.

~ Gothic

SAGITTARIUS ~ Wonderfully overdone!

CAPRICORN ~ Structured.

AQUARIUS ~ Unusual.

PISCES~ Whimsical.

After all that.....We don't have a proper Christmas tree. I left mine back in the UK, and Himself -he has Sun in Aries (see above). Say no more! We have this small, shiny, "pretend" one - it looks pretty when the spotlight catches it though.


anyjazz said...

Maybe we should give away that one in the attic.

R J Adams said...

Jeweler Quick has just been outdone - by the Arabs (who else!)

This story from the BBC -

Personally, I prefer Mister Quick's.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Well yes - you with Aries Sun, me with Aries Moon, that old tree in the attic doesn't stand a chance!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ Oh my!

Now - that's begging for a movie -a heist plot-line! I nominate Bruce Willis to star in it at the "heister"!

Twilight said...

"as" the heister I should have typed