Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Astrology & Religion.....headache time!

One of our local newspapers, on Christmas day, carried a major piece in the "Religion" section headed "Pastor: God wrote gospel in the stars". The piece was written by Jacob Russell and contains plentiful quotes from said Pastor -one Ron DuPont.

The article begins:

"For hundreds of years, religious scholars have debated the legitimacy of the Gospel in the Stars -a belief that God used the constellations as a primitive way to tell his redemptive story, prior to the writings of the books of the Bible - but there could be no debate, according to a local pastor who said the Bible supports the theory.......he believes that the purity of the Gospel in the Stars was perverted with Adam's sin and the fall of man.

........The constellations, he said, continue to tell the same story as they did in the beginning of time.....it begins with Virgo, or the virgin, which fulfilled the prophecy by bearing Immanuel; and ends with Leo or the lion, symbolizing the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Messiah's consummated victory over the serpent......If you follow the arrow out of the bow of the Archer (Sagittarius), it goes acrosss the sky, into the heart of the scorpion (Scorpio)"........ He said there is a fine line between astronomy, the scientific study of celestial creations, and astrology, which is using the warped knowledge of the position of those objects for wisdom and guidance to empower themselves. "All scriptures condemn astrology" DuPont said..........."
Condemn astrology? Of course. Anything that threatened to contradict or supersede what they feed to their flock has always to be condemned. They fear losing control - and, of course, income!

A brief Google search throws up conflicting ideas of even the origin of the word zodiac:

The word "Zodiac" comes from the Greek zoad, which means "the way" or "the path." According to many Christian scholars, God depicted his story and his promise of salvation within the stars

The term zodiac derives from Latin zōdiacus, which in its turn comes from the Greek ζῳδιακὸς κύκλος (zōdiakos kuklos), meaning "circle of animals", derived from ζώδιον (zōdion), the diminutive of ζῶον (zōon) "animal". The name is motivated by the fact that half of the signs of the classical Greek zodiac are represented as animals (besides two mythological hybrids).

Sigh.....Give someone a diagram of the zodiac and its symbols and they'll find a way to bend it, shape it to fit any number of connotations. In my view astrology's version manages to make a reasonable amount of sense. But even astrological doctrine can, at times, stretch it, try too hard and come up with stuff that isn't really and truly there (my own opinion).

Local people will read that piece in our newspaper, take IT as gospel truth without so much as a critical thought entering their heads - and there lies the shame of it all.

I feel a headache coming on. Note to self: In future avoid reading such articles, or in fact such newspapers, for they are filled with prejudice of every kind, opposing views are never expressed these days, on any topic, for the balanced consideration of readers.


Rossa said...

O/T and better than an aspirin. A reminder of Christmas past in England with this trailer for the One Ronnie show (Ronnie B is not with us any more) that was on BBC1 on Christmas Day.


Watch out for the dongle bit where they're close to "corpseing". For non-english people that means to collapse in uncontrollable laughter.

As you said you couldn't get the TV shows on iPlayer (sorry forgot about that) then this video should do it. The other "Ronnie" in the sketch is played by comedian Harry Enfield.

Gian Paul said...

The Hindu philosopher Chrisnamurti said (free quote): Many who are being led to believe (anything, including what such and such pastor/priest may say) without examining with their own conscience what is being said risk to fall into a neurosis.

This may offer an immense "security", a great a "safety".

Sheep by nature tend to flock. Useless to disturb, neither them nor their good pastor!

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Thanks, Rossa - there's lots of welcome LOLth in that video! :-)

We don't get such things as "Christmas Specials" here. At least I haven't noticed any so far.
I suppose they aren't big enough money-makers for the corporations who can get by on repeats of repeats.


I think Dr. Who Special did appear on BBC America channel here, but we don't have that as part of our craftily designed to give less for more cable package.

Thank goodness for YouTube!

Did you see the one at Astrotabletalk featuring The Love Army of Britain? Heading "It's OK" (or something similar) Love it!
We need more of those!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ I wish I had the kind of personality to be able to wade in and give them a good dose of disturbance, GP! With an extra dose for the pastor. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, needed that lift of the one Ronnie (how I miss the other!) from Rossa.
never ceases to amaze me how the holy rollers can grab on to something and make it manifest anything they choose. Think Virgin Mary toast.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ YEP! Amazing isn't it.
Nothing but salesmen one and all!

anthonynorth said...

You're right about the lack of opposing views. Always marginalised. Always have been. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power, so it's naturally manipulated by the powerful.
By the way, the new Blog and Website is now active:

Anthony North

Twilight said...

FROM anthonynorth

(comment notified by e-mail 29 December, but for some reason didn't post here)

You're right about the lack of opposing views. Always marginalised. Always have been. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power, so it's naturally manipulated by the powerful.
By the way, the new Blog and Website is now active:

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ Thanks AN - don't know why the comment didn't post.

Thanks for the heads-up on your new site. Will be along shortly, and will adjust my link.