Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Cancer, for me, is a difficult sign with which to tangle, and far from my favourite, even though it was rising as I came into the world. As I explained last year on this blog (see post here) it's not a sign about which I can easily wax lyrical. (NOTE: I'm writing about the sign and its recognised attributes - its essence, not about a person with Sun, or Moon or other planets, or points in Cancer natally.)

Sun is in Cancer between 22 June and 22 July - give or take a day. Sandwiched as it is between sociable, communicative Gemini and sparkly limelight-seeking Leo, poor old Cancer was bound to feel a wee bit inadequate. Hence Cancer is known for a certain reticence often verging on shyness or tendency to become reclusive. Still, Cancer is one of the 4 Cardinal signs marking the solstices and equinoxes (Aries, Libra, Capricorn are the others) These signs represent initiation and leadership (irrespective of what Aries and Leo might think - if signs could indeed think!)

Cancer is also one of the 3 Water signs (Pisces and Scorpio the others). Water signs represent emotions, feelings, sensitivities, so in Cancer's Cardinal case, emotions sensitivities and feelings over-ride all else. Cancer is ruled by the Moon - not surprising then that the Moon is said to affect our emotional states.
In Alan Oken's Complete Astrology he uses the tag line "Cancer - I seek myself through what I feel" on the section dealing with zodiac sign Cancer.

From just two factors: Cardinal & Water, are derived all the characteristics found in astrology textbooks under the heading "Cancer".

We ought to keep in mind, when considering the personality of those born with Sun in Cancer, that planet Mercury will always be either in Cancer along with the Sun or in one of the adjacent signs, Gemini or Leo. Venus can be in the same sign as the Sun, or up to 2 signs away. The position of these two intensely personal planets will colour a personality strongly - one reason (among many) that someone with natal Sun in Cancer can display many traits which strongly contradict textbook descriptions of "A Cancerian".

Cartoonist Ronald Searle's depiction of Cancer from
Searle's Zodiac


Anonymous said...

aww poor cancers
the girls can be really mean
and the boys can be sleazy oily silver tongued devils
but i am 29 degrees cancer
and i try to be as loving as possible
i think the mean ones are just very insecure

its bad enough to have the astrological name as a horrible disease
cancers need love!

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~ I have to agree about the name of this sign. I guess when the name was given the word 'cancer' didn't have the connection we recognise today.

I don't usually connect being mean with Cancer - perhaps it is an extension of that need to withdraw that is specific to Cancer as a sign.....and, as you say some evidence of insecurity.

Silver tongued devils can come from most zodiac signs, I reckon.
Depends a lot on where Mercury is found.

I've only known one Sun in Cancer guy, and not very well. I found him to be ultra sensitive to remarks not meant to be at all critical....but in all other ways a real sweetie. :-)

I don't know any women with Sun in Cancer, but my mother had a stellium in the sign. She had Sun in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio- and could be a wee bit mean - on a bad day - not down to Cancer, but to Scorpio I've always thought.

Wisewebwoman said...

I, a Leo, was married to a Cancer and the stereotypical watering of my fire doomed us from the very beginning.
I, of course, wanted to 'change' him. LOL.
He had good traits but lacked any kind of imagination.

Shawn Carson said...

i always associate cancer types with the notion of the 'sidewinder'. cancers will go after what they want like the crab who takes a circuitous route to his destination.
i think they like to pretend that they don't really care about the object of their desire as they plan subtle strategies to sort of sneak up on their prey.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ It must have been your Pisces Moon drawing you together - sadly not a strong enough pull to keep you together though.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~~ Ooooh - that sounds as though you've had an unfortunate experience with a slippery individual! ;-)

Thanks for the insight. I have known too few with a strong Cancer in their charts to really form a proper impression. My own ascendant in mid-sign Cancer mostly annoys me no end and I have to call on Aquarius/Aries to try to squash it, not always with success ;-)