Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wednesday Woo-Woo ~ Uri Geller

Probably the best-known name of all in the area of Woo is
Uri Geller, spoon-bender extraordinaire, purveyor of the paranormal, including (from his website HERE): telepathy (extrasensory perception - the ability to receive someone's thought pattern and transmit images in a similar manner.) Dowsing: finding the location of precious minerals. Bending, breaking and softening metal and other solids with the power of the mind, e.g. spoons, keys etc. Fixing broken watches and appliances, and using collective power, influencing the Big Ben to stop. Moving compasses with the power of thought. Erasing computer tapes and disks. Sprouting: causing tiny seeds (mainly red radish) to grow a few centimetres in seconds.

I've never been able to make up my mind about him. One thing is clear - he's a consummate showman. Showmanship and paranormal abilities are not easy bedfellows if a person wishes to be taken seriously. Perhaps Mr. Geller has never wanted to be taken seriously, but has been happy to use any gift he possesses to entertain the public and make a living for himself. Nothing wrong with that. I seriously doubt that he is the charlatan skeptics declare him to be. I'd rather think that he does have some kind of skill or gift - though perhaps a fairly minor one which is inconsistent, and has been exaggerated, embroidered and expanded for the delight of an audience.

I wonder if his natal chart will throw any light on the matter.
Born 20 December 1946 in Tel Aviv, now Israel, then Palestine. Astrodatabank has his time of birth as 2:30 AM.

Although his natal Sun is in Sagittarius, his Scorpio side is far more visible to the public. This isn't surprising as Scorpio was rising as he was born, Moon/Venus/Jupiter in Scorpio were closely conjoined in his First House of self. Scorpio is known for its magnetic, hypnotic, darkly magical characteristics, which Mr. Geller loves to emphasise on stage. At midheaven (the career area of the chart) is Leo - the show-biz sign, with Saturn right on the angle - so strong, and very important in this guy's personality. Saturn connects to science, and to business and the status quo, which don't fit too well - apart from the fact that Mr. Geller obviously has an acute business sense, which is linked to his life in the spotlight (midheaven). There's an echo of this from Mars in early Capricorn (the businessman's sign) conjunct his late-Sagittarius Sun. I see Sagittarius here as almost over-ridden by Scorpio and Capricorn/Saturn.

Uranus (the futuristic), one of the planets I expect to see prominent in these Woo charts, is in Gemini and opposite Geller's Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, though not particularly closely hooked in. Neptune (illusion) the other planet closely connected with Woo is in Libra and helpfully sextiled to both Mercury (communication) and Saturn(business/career). Neptune is closely and helpfully linked in to his personal planets and career angle, which fits the picture of a creative showman/businessman, well able to communicate his illusions to an audience.


Wisewebwoman said...

I've always fancied him as illusionist, T.
And do wonder why these 'woo' skills are only handed to a selected few out of the billions on the planet.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Mmmm - well they say we all have woo skills in varying levels but we just don't use them.
I'm not sure about that though.
I'd hazard a guess that it's a particular gene or DNA bit involved, that some have and some don't. :-)

anthonynorth said...

I've studied old Uri for years and still can't make my mind up. I guess the point is, if you chase the limelight, you'll always be tainted.
As for paranormal abilities - whatever they are - I've spoken to many sceptics who, under questioning, had many 'coincidences' in their lives. It's a good word to hide behind. As for abilities in general, its amazing how many psychics had lives of adversity, accidents, or were outsiders. In effect, people who turned in on their own minds. I think that's where the key is - cutting away the clutter of the outside world and letting your mind focus clearly.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~ Yes, coincidences are mysterious - one can never be sure how coincidental they are.

Good point about psychic skills, AN. I agree - that is likely to be one route to development. I still think there are people with a "special gene" that aids them in that direction too.