Sunday, June 20, 2010

THE BIG O (no, not him!)

Somewhere on our travels recently I picked up an old copy of Newsweek in a junk shop. The image above was the first thing I saw as I flicked through it. It was one half of a double-page advertisement placed by a corporation: FMC

Part of the advert's blurb on the opposite page read:

Ironically the issue of Newsweek is dated 12 November 1973.
Ye Gods! Progress on developing those "different fuels" has been negligible to non-existent in the intervening 37 years!

Oil in astrology is thought to be "ruled" by planet Neptune. I'm a wee bit unclear as to why. Neptune rules the oceans - that's clear enough via mythology; extrapolating from that, all liquids come under Neptune's rulership I guess -including oil - and alcohol (other Neptune governorships include dreams, illusions, mysticism etc. etc.)

In 1973 Neptune was in early Sagittarius. As I type Neptune is in late Aquarius, in the interim period having passed through the rest of Sagittarius (Fire), all of Capricorn (Earth) and most of Aquarius(Air). Neptune will enter 00 Pisces (Water), its own rulership, in February 2012.

Aspects made by or to Neptune, most importantly involving the other slow movers, are significant of course, but the zodiac sign in which Neptune spends a long period - around 14 years in each, is also very important. In a compatible (Water) sign, perhaps there will be a more helpful "astrological atmosphere", and a new era where oil is concerned.....with oil largely staying in its own home, under the ground or ocean.

Let us hope sincerely that Neptune, when settled into Pisces, the sign where it is most at home, will somehow bring about the right atmosphere for an end to the insanity that has been our quest for oil. Let that be our dream (dreams also being part of Neptune's domain).


anthonynorth said...

As I see it, oil needs big systems which only Big Biz can afford, so oil is power is more ways than one.

Wisewebwoman said...

Many indigenous cultures believe oil to be the blood of Gaia (or Mother Earth).
I concur.
PS And she is haemorrhaging right now.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ Yes, and who willingly gives up even a tiny amount of power? They won't do it until it hurts them too much to carry on.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ That's a good analogy isn't it? Sometimes a serious haemorrhage can force change of heart and lifestyle.

I'm thinking of my mother who experienced a life-threatening haemorrhage when I was born, and was then unable to have another child.....or a person who suffers a brain haemorrhage followed by restriction of movement or speech.

I wonder if this haemorrhage of Earth's oily blood will have some similar outcome - supposing they are able to stop it before it bleeds the oil deposit dry.

gian paul said...

In December 1973 the world (the gas-guzzling world that is) had it's first oil-chock. Neptune had entered Sagittarius in January 1970, I remember well as I then just had started a job at Burmah/Castrol and my AS is Sag. Not much time after the oil-shock had occurred at the end of 1973, Burmah Oil, then owner of over 25% of BP, had to be rescued by the Bank Of England...

OPEC, for having it's AS and Jupiter in the first house, in Sagittarius of it's foundation map (Baghdad, Sept. 14, mid-day), has always been very sensitive to the transits of Neptune, along with the fortunes of the price of oil. So a second (and also temporary) peak of the oil price occurred exactly when Nept. transited OPEC's Jupiter, at 24 degr.43 Sag. at the beginning of Dec. 1981.

9/11 - there is a link there, see for yourself: OPEC has Saturn(R) at 11 degr.49 Capricorn - on 9/11 2001 this Saturn received the exact opposition of Jupiter. Al Quaida is to a great extent a consequence of what oil riches have done wrong in the Middle East. On that tragic September day in NY, Uranus was as well opposing itself on the OPEC chart. And the world was never been the same again! (Now we have Obama comparing the oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico to 9/11).

Living now in Brazil where a lot of very risky deep-water drilling is going on, I happen to have made an invention to prevent offshore oil-spills shortly before BP had its problem. Impossible to know at this stage, whether it will be a commercial success. It's complicated and very costly to have tests done.

And then, being "fatally involved with astrology", one of my doubts or second - thoughts goes as follows: if this invention becomes a success, it will encourage more drilling, as the risks involved would diminish. If destiny does not want more drilling to take place, my invention will end up in the legendary drawer of some drilling company...

PS. We may call the offshore drilling for oil as an insanity, or for that matter driving around for pleasure or flying for tourism or worse to go gambling in Las Vegas or elsewhere. But who's ultimately to decide on that? Getting complicated, isn't it?

PPS. Relating to your previous post on the current Grand Cross: OPEC's map is heavily aspected, having Sun/Mercury at the end of Virgo,
Jupiter at the end Sag. - Saturn at the beginning Capr. and Mars/Moon opposing, end Gemini, beginning Cancer, respectively.

Twilight said...

gian paul ~~~ Hmmm - what an interesting comment, both astrologically and generally!

I understand your second thoughts about your invention. Congratulations, by the way! I doubt that drilling for oil is going to stop any time soon - though drilling in deepest oceans might be strictly curtailed.

Until we have a viable alternative, in counties such as the USA, where in some states there is no way to get around - even to by a bottle of milk or pack of asprin, but to jump in the car and drive - we need transport. People have become accustomed to having it and naturally will fight tooth and nail not to give it up....nor can we realistically give it up without alternatives, unless we all move into urban areas - which is neither practical nor possible.

This is my big quibble: why haven't the powers that be concentrated on developing alternative fuels? There has to be something better than "hybrid" cars. The world has brillint scientists, chemists, physicists - why can't they be put to work, urgently on this?

Maybe the current tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico will spur on the development of alternative fuels, or alternative means of transport.

We can but hope.