Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Idol Indications.... continued from last week

I'm making an attempt to discover whether natal astrological positions and current transits might translate into a helpful astro-atmosphere for American Idol's remaining 5 contestants. Left to right below: Aaron Kelly, Siobhan Magnus(eliminated), Michael Lynche, (Ryan Seacrest, presenter) Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyse.

Following last Tuesday's post, I searched for information to help pinpoint the exact time to use in an astrological chart representing annonucement time of this year's American Idol, on 26 May. The conundrum, connected to time zones, throws up a bit of a fog. As far as I can discover, the show goes ahead live in Los Angeles, starting at, I assume, 5:00PM, ending just after 7:00PM. However, it isn't broadcast there until start time 8:00PM, ending around 10:00 PM. But it's aired live at 8 to around 10PM in eastern time zone, and an hour earlier in central time zone (still live).

I've used 7:00 PM, Los Angeles for the finale chart, which is the central chart of both images below. This is when the winner will actually be announced, live.

The first image contains planetary positions for Crystal, Lee and Casey working through the rings outward; Aaron and Michael's planets appear in the second image, again working outward from the center.

Blog buddy and commenter Shawn Carson suggested last week that it'd be interesting, and significant to note any of the contestants' planets falling near the finale chart angles (ascendant, midheaven and opposite points). This is the reason it's important to have the chart set for the correct time, because the chart angles change rather quickly.

The ascending degree of the finale chart will be at around Scorpio 25.08 degrees. Crystal's natal Saturn is at 21.33 Scorpio. Mustn't overlook Casey's natal Jupiter at 1.19 Sagittarius, just over the cusp, but well within orb (limits). Michael's Jupiter is a bit wider at 5 Sagittarius, not quite as strong. It's interesting that the Moon in the finale chart is close to the ascendant too - in horary astrology I think Moon represents the public. It's the votes of the public (allegedly) which decide the winner. The only other planet near the ascendant is Aaron's natal Pluto, which is a generational rather than personal planet, so I think it has to be less important than Crystal's Saturn (representing work/career), and Casey's and maybe Michael's Jupiter (luck?)

There's no planet close enough to midheaven or descendant to be significant here.
That leaves the 4th angle, the nadir at 4.25 Pisces, opposite midheaven: Lee's natal Jupiter at 9.35 Pisces is close, so in a strong position.

Conclusion: Not conclusive! Crystal, Casey and Lee all have planets near angles. Michael has one but with a little wider orb, and Aaron has only a generational planet near an angle. It'll be interesting to watch how events unfold from here on.

Tonight's theme is Songs of Sinatra, with Harry Connick Jnr as mentor. Who might fare best singing those old but beautifully written standards ? So much depends on their song choices. This is where good judgement enters into this singing contest. Some of them may not be as familiar with Sinatra's vast repertoire as they are with contemporary music, so it could be tricky for them....but interesting.


Shawn Carson said...

lots of guesswork trying to pick a winner from these charts but it's all in fun anyway.
little or no angularity, as you mentioned, from these contestants charts, but the transiting moon in scorpio will be rising, so we should look to see who has the best connection to this planet.
michael will be getting the trine from transiting moon to natal venus, possibly showing high popularity with the public at this time. i think his chart looks the strongest overall as he is also getting help from transiting sun and mars.
hard aspects from transiting saturn or to natal saturn can show frustration and both crystal and aaron have too much saturn going on, i think.
i think lee and casey's charts look better than crystal and aaron's, but not as good as michael's
i would not care to wager any money on these opinions, however.
thanks for posting these charts and i am sure i will study them some more this week.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Yes, this is just an experiment.

It's difficult to separate what we know about the contestants and their performances from what we see in the charts, so we are likely to have some prejudice going on. That old conformation bias thing!

Mike did well last night, he'll certainly be around next week, as will Crystal and Lee, but I'm not so sure about Aaron or Casey. They seem to be down-playing Casey a lot lately, and he seemed nervous last night. As they down-play him they are boosting Lee.

Harry Connick Jnr did an excellent job last night - I was impressed!

Twilight said...

should read confirmation bias...

Shawn Carson said...

it;s interesting to note that the transiting moon / mars square activated crystals natal mercury / saturn square, which seemed to work against her as these planets were near the angles at the end of the game.

lee benefited from natal jupiter becoming angular at the end and also maybe the temporary yod that was formed by the transiting sun

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ The unexpected result seems to be becoming the name of the game for American Idol!

Something is rotten in the state of Idol!

But yes, you're right, the stars seem to have favoured Lee in the end. And, as I wrote earlier on in a post about Idol, Crystal's natal Moon is very likely hitched up to that T-square astrologers are talking about a lot just now.
Winning would have placed a greater strain on her home life re her child. Maybe it's all for the best.

Shawn Carson said...

unfortunately for crystal, and also for the rest of us, the hard angle to natal saturn from transiting mars was a real buzz kill, as i hear she also broke up with her boyfriend just before the finale.
i see the same phenomenon in the horoscopes of current athletes and coaches who are experiencing similar mars / saturn transits.
these aspects correlate to strength and muscle and crystal outmuscled her opponent during the finale, only to still lose the game in the end, much like what happened to peyton manning in the super bowl this year.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Really? That's interesting. Yes, we watched Larry King last night, with the 10 finalists on his show, and he mentioned the break-up with her boyfriend. I was very surprised as a couple of times during the weeks of competition she had pointed to him in the audience and dedicated her song to him. Very odd. Astrology at work no doubt.

Last season though the same thing happened to Adam Lambert - he broke with his boyfriend just after the finale.

I guess it'd be hard to keep any kind of relationship going with the summer tour coming up and goodness knows what else in the wings. I hope Mike Lynche will manage - new baby an'all to think about.