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The Sun is now in zodiac sign Gemini, depicted as "the twins". I'm going to quote from from a tattered old book I have, written by British astrologer Llewellyn George, published in 1934: Student Chart Reader...sometimes these old books throw up something different and long-forgotten. The author lists personality traits under Sun, Moon, Ascending Sign, and other planets in each sign.

My own preference is to define the zodiac sign itself, as an "atmosphere" to be applied to whatever is going on planet-wise or otherwise in a particular sign, but this time I'm going along with Mr. George's style.

It's easy to recognise, when reading the following, that Gemini is the sign of Mutable Air, translating as mental in orientation, flexible in attitude. The sign is one of a pair ruled by Mercury, planet of all types of communication (the other sign so-ruled is Virgo). As I typed these extracts it struck me that some of the traits mentioned are more usually applied to adjacent sign, Cancer. Anyone with natal Sun in Gemini is quite likely to have either Mercury or Venus in Cancer, though it's far from inevitable. I'm curious to know from where some of the traits Mr George attributes to Gemini were derived. I shall investigate further!

SUN IN GEMINI (21 May to 21 June - give or take a day)

In Gemini the Sun makes the native sympathetic, kind-hearted, affectionate, fond of home and children and easily influenced by kindness, at times to his detriment. Is sensitive, intuitional, idealistic. fond of science and as a rule studious and usually endowed with great imaginative ability. Possesses an active mind and can be relied upon to act quickly in an emergency. Is an experimenter and investigator, quick reasoner, generally a good writer; likes to be busy and can engage in two or more occupations at once but must be allowed to work in his own way. changeful, inquiring, doubtful nature, hard to understand, but versatile, alert, dextrous and skillful. Is ambitious, aspiring and loves change and diversity.


This location of the Moon gives an agreeable, warm-hearted, sympathetic, humane, progressive and ingenious nature, with the capacity of being very reserved in some matters, such as personal or domestic matters, but fluent concerning local or national affairs. Strengthens and enlivens the intellect, inclines to literature and gains pleasure from books or scientific pursuits. Gives an active body and a versatile, receptive mind, responsive to new ideas and capable of following artistic, literary or professional occupations.

Dislikes quarreling and warfare. Subject to many changes and some journeys. Through lack of caution or prudence apt to be drawn into embarrassing or difficult positions.

GEMINI ASCENDING is much the same - mix and match from the above.

Physical appearance: Tall, slender, erect but lithe figure; quick, active walk, long arms and fingers; thin features, long face, nose and chin.....

It has to be added that these traits of appearance must be modified by inherited features from family, as well as ethnic background and other factors. Still, I think that anyone with Gemini prominent in their natal chart will have lots of nervous energy which leads to high metabolism and that slender frame which so often marks them out.

I've known quite a few Sun Geminis in my time: my maternal grandfather, an old boyfriend, several female friends, my husband's son-in-law, to name a few. All have matched most of what's written above.

There's more about this zodiac sign in past posts, accessible by clicking on Gemini the Label Cloud in the sidebar (see below right).


The Next President of the United States said...

So, I noticed a reference to me - "my husband's son-in-law" - and I must take umbrage!
I certainly have no traits that fit the description of a Gemini!
OK, yes I do.
No, I don't!
Maybe I do.
I absolutely don't!
Well, perhaps I do!

reefaroundme said...

I have Venus in Gemini so some of the closest people in my life are Geminis (mom and others who just feel like soul-mate friends, where we are usually in total alignment and there is never a lack for words, naturally!). This nurturing quality really seems correct for my experience of them, and you're right, I don't usually see that mentioned. Although they are often brilliant snobs who love a good gossip session, they are also some of the kindest and most giving folks I know!

Wisewebwoman said...

Funny this Gemini thing, T. I know a few who fit the description perfectly, then another, a close friend who is one of the laziest most unimaginative people I know...
go figure.

Twilight said...

TNPOTUS ~~ From an observer's objective perspective: OH YES YOU DO !!

Twilight said...

reefaroundme ~~ "Brilliant snobs" - hmmm - you know I suspect that trait might be connected with something else in a chart - it can be displayed by just about any sign, on different levels and in different areas. Somehow a pure (if there is such a thing) Gemini doesn't strike me as having snobbery in his workbox. ;-)

I agree with all else though.

Thanks for popping in to comment.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Such instances are when the whole chart comes strongly into play. Could be a number of reasons for your friend's characteristics - not all of them astrological. Of astro features though, it might be due to a stronger Moon position, in some other sign, or in conflict with Gemini. Or rising sign in similar conflict - or a cluster of persoanl planets in a different sign challenging Gemini.

This is why those silly experiments skeptics carry out on TV will never work to the benefit of astrology. Sun signs are only one piece of the jigsaw. They might represent the crucial piece that the picture needs to be complete and recognisable, but not always. :-)

Shawn Carson said...

my gemini midheaven hates direct supervision, but i must be free to do my own thing in the workplace. maybe that's why i am self employed.

anthonynorth said...

Yes, I know some Geminis who fit it perfectly.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ Gemini is one sign that's fairly easy to detect - because it's speciality is communication - and that's how we.....erm communicate, and Gemini does it a lot. ;-)

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~ Hmmm - missed this comment before - sorry!

Yep I think Aquarius and Gemini both like to be unencumbered by a boss....or at least will aim to be one - of sorts. ;-)