Thursday, May 06, 2010

Food For Thought

Some time ago Plinky Prompts offered, as a spur to the imagination: "Name a food that reminds you of someone". Translate that, using an astrological filter, and it becomes "Name a food that reminds you of a zodiac sign."

Off the top of my head... and these relate to the essence of the signs, not to the Sun sign personality:-

Aries ~~~ All fast food, ready to eat on-the-run.

Taurus ~~~ Traditional roasts , with all the trimmings.

Gemini ~~~ Buffet food with plenty of variety.

Cancer ~~~Comfort foods.

Leo ~~~ Cordon Bleu creations, haute cuisine.

Virgo~~~Organic foodstuff.

Libra ~~~Any food as long as it's elegantly presented.

Scorpio ~~~Anything smoked, curried, highly spiced.

Sagittarius ~~~Foreign dishes - and big helpings!

Capricorn ~~~Lean, mean, fat-free foods.

Aquarius ~~~Inspired and experimental mixes.

Pisces ~~~Fish and seafood - what else?

Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.
~Walt Kelly


Wisewebwoman said...

On the whole, I'd say T:
pretty bang on, even just considering my family members alone!

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ Good! ;-)

Rossa said...

Me too! Though I would say you could swop Leo and Aquarius in my family. I'm the chef but that came from my Dad's influence. We both lurve our food. He's the experimenter and used to entertain us as kids with made up combinations which were often yuck but to a small child it was great fun.

When cuisine nouveau/nouvelle was all the rage I found the silly combinations offered in restaurants just pretentious. Lots of fruit vinegars and silly oils like pistachio. Even now there seems to be fads each year.

We watch a TV programme called Great British Menu. Last year it was "foam" as a garnish. Every flavour you can imagine and some you couldn't!

This year there's less foam, it's more a lake of pea puree, pea soup, pea mousse, pea espuma (thicker foam anyone). It is supposed to be a competition for a summer menu but a glut of peas is not very appealing week in week out.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~ Ah, well as Leo and Aquarius form an axis - opposite one another in the zodiac, what you say fits quite well, I think.

Though I was really intending this as illustrating the signs themselves rather than people with Sun in the signs, it often does work for both I guess, depending on how steong a position the sun has in an indivudual chart.

In my own case, I don't really fit my Aquarius designation food-wise.
I love plain, honest food - but has to be good quality. Super bread, farm butter, very good cheese, fresh veggies and salads, ice cream without all the garbage added as they do in the USA (YUK!!!)....that kind of thing.
I suppose that links more to Cancer (my rising sign) or even Capricorn....dunno - maybe I'm just peculiar!