Monday, January 25, 2010

Music Monday ~ Spoilt for choice....

With so many musical birthdays coming up I simply could not decide on one singer/musician/composer to feature, so listed the best known of the bunch, chronologically, by year.

January 27 1756 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - composer.

January 27 1885 - Jerome Kern - composer/songwriter.

January 26 1908 - Stephane Grappelli - jazz violinist.
January 23 1910 -Django Reinhardt - jazz guitarist

January 28 1927 - Ronnie Scott - jazz saxophonist, jazz club owner.
January 28 1929 - Acker Bilk - jazz/dixieland/pop clarinetist.

January 25 1938 - Etta James - blues/soul/jazz singer.

January 24 1941 - Aaron Neville - singer, soul/R&B.
January 24 1941 - Neil Diamond - singer/songwriter, pop/rock.

January 26 1955 - Eddie Van Halen - guitarist/songwriter, rock.

January 25 1981 - Alicia Keys - singer/musician/actress, pop, rock.
January 29 1982 - Adam Lambert - singer/musical theater, pop, rock.

You can feel the waves of change passing through the music industry just by considering each variation of style represented by the artists in the list: classical in the 18th century to standard ballads, to jazz, to soul, to pop and rock and eventually to new stars of today and tomorrow, born in the 1980s, just now flowering. From Mozart (left) to Adam (right)-

All these artists have Sun in Aquarius, of course, and in the first decan (10 degree sector) of Aquarius. I'm not certain how much weight we should put on the decan theory, but it's something to keep in mind. Some astrologers favour the Chaldean system for calculating rulership of the decans, others favour a system based on tripicity (the elements). Using the latter, the first decan of Aquarius is said to represent the most Aquariusly Aquarius of the three 10 degree sectors, and is ruled by Uranus/Saturn. The remaining sectors - 2nd and 3rd are the Gemini/Mercury and Libra/Venus decans. Under the Chaldean system the first decan of Aquarius is ruled by Venus, arrived at using an order dictated by planetary speed. Bearing in mind that Venus rules the arts, including music, in this instance the Chaldean system appears more apt. (See The Decans in Astrology by Benjamin Dykes for more on decans).

(There are posts about Neil Diamond and Adam Lambert elsewhere on this blog, access via the label cloud in the sidebar.)


Wisewebwoman said...

A veritable feast of talent, T, all falling in the same Decan. Amazing.
I heard Adam L interviewed today on CBC radio. He is an amazing young singer.

anthonynorth said...

Alicia Keys is over here at the moment. Enjoyed her performance on TV the other night.

Shawn Carson said...

rulerships of decanates mostly just confuse me, so i don't use them, but that doesn't mean they are invalid. mozart was, by far, the greatest of the great classical composers and the only one that i really like a lot. but then again, i am a sun in aquarius type, so what do i know?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, he is - and from what I've gathered, a very personable, nice guy. :-)

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~ I like her newest single - can't recall the title - something about New York.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ I didn't know you are a fellow Sun Aquarian. :-)

I'm not a good judge of classical music, but I like bits and pieces, here and there. I ought to support my fellow 27th Jan. composer though, so I'll agree with you on this.

Decans - they tend to confuse the picture a bit, so I don't often bother with them, except in an instance such as this post.

anyjazz said...

A surprising and interesting discovery.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Yes - full of 'em aren't I? ;-)