Sunday, January 24, 2010


My husband became a great-grandfather this month. Serenity (4lb.15oz) was born on 6 January.

This little girl will have no problem knowing how many beans make five and which way is up - she has 4 planets in Capricorn, a couple in Aquarius. Born in 2010 - what wonders will she see in her lifetime? It's tempting to surmise, but wiser not to. As Shel Silverstein wrote, Anything Can Be.

Listen to the mustn'ts child
Listen to the don'ts
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
the impossibles and the won'ts
Listen to the never haves
Then listen close to me
Anything can happen child
Anything can be.


Rossa said...

Ahhh! Serenity born at Epiphany the Christian Feast on the old Twelfth Day when the three wise men came to visit the baby Jesus.

In the Eastern church the waters are blessed on this day which is appropriate for a child with the sea goat and water bearer so prominent in her chart.

May she "live long and prosper" as the other Spock would say.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Oh, I hadn't noticed those connections. Thanks for pointing them out. :-)

Yes, let's hope that she'll see this old world recover and profit from lessons being learned (albeit too slowly) at present.

R J Adams said...

Many congratulations to Great-Grandad. Surely this makes you, at least, a step-great-grandma?

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ He says "Ta!"

If you wanted to get all technical, I guess so. However, I made it clear as soon as I arrived to join "the clan" that, because it's so late in the proceedings I'd prefer not to be considered a mother-in-law to any of the husband's offspring, nor a grandma ...etc. It's just not logical to my mind. To earn those titles one ought to have had some way to earn it during the growing ups of all and sundry. :-)