Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm feeling completely disenchanted after this week's Supreme Court ruling which will allow corporations to virtually "own" politicians, who will then do their bidding, which will inevitably be in the interest of the corporation, not the people. Fellow-blogger R.J. Adams has written a rather good post on the subject HERE. Democrats also managed to lose a Senate seat this week, for whatever reason (probably disenchantment).

I have a copy of Bernard Rosenberg's Dictionary for the Disenchanted (1972) to hand, perhaps some of Prof. Rosenberg's definitions will help to put things into perspective.

I couldn't find any birth data for the good Professor, who died in 1996, so astrology will have to take a back seat today.....except for the first definition, in which he gives the ancient art a cynical nod:

Twentieth-century astrologers handicapped by tunnel vision who, unable to apprehend the present, helpfully extrapolate it.

A clear picture of impending doom best perceived by those who do their utmost to hasten its onset.

A socioeconomic system that, though no longer in existence, should nevertheless be abolished in favor of socialism. The distinction is important: capitalism is the exploitation of man by man, socialism is the exact opposite.

Constancy; fixity; immutability.


Erroneously decoded by the late e.e. cummings as The United States of Hysterica (E Pluribus Eunuch); actually, the United States of America is one of the few surviving republics where, if you do not first get killed, you can still make a killing.

A sleepy northern town where the walls have ears and the ears have walls.


Wisewebwoman said...

The Masters of the Universe have completed the project.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ They think!......

Anonym said...

Well, it is nothing but the legal form of what they built all along these last terrible years of absence of hope...

People is, and will, be increasingly dividdded in change/not change, no more in right or left...

With these politicians **no change** is possible, this even the stones now know...

But reality changes and we will not be able to perceive it in all the mediations it may have... And so we **must** change with and in it... So, before or then, a change will happen and is happening even now, that all seems so silent and sleepy... Earthquakes happen... My fear is that, people being so - and **rightly** - disillutioned, the wave will be a new form of conditioning, a return of ideology passed perhaps into religion, in any case a strong ideology which will split mhumankind in two parts...

Twilight said...

Anonym ~~ I understand your fears, and in some ways share them.

Mankind is already clearly split into haves and have-nots, so the change/no change scenario is already rooted - the trigger is needed for further growth though. Will it be a natural trigger, or perhaps a new individual emerging to spearhead....what....religion a new movement? It'd need to be worldwide though - not just in the USA or Europe....And natural or individual it'd have to be very very powerful to rouse mankind from a dormancy of centuries of injustices.