Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Astrology of Blogging

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As I cast around for ideas, drafting outline posts for the next few days, a comment relating to a post from way back in December 2006 arrived for moderation: "The Astrology of Blogging". I skimmed through the old piece, updated and edited it - I reckon it can stand a re-airing. Comments from 2006, as well as the recent one are included.

What astrological factors would incline a person to become a blogger? The words 'blog' and 'blogger' grate on me, I realise they are contractions of 'weblog' and 'weblogger', and we're stuck with them, but I don't like them. For me they have an unattractive vibe, but no doubt I shall learn to love them - in time. (I have learned!)

Mercury has to be the foremost influence in blogging, as in any form of writing, and communication in general. We all have Mercury somewhere in our charts, but those with Mercury aspected by Saturn and/or positioned close to one of the angles would be more inclined to write for the love of it. Mercury will come through loud and clear in Gemini, Virgo, or in 3rd, 11th, or 7th houses where the planet is most "at home". That in itself might not incline a person to writing, especially to writing a blog. There is need for a certain amount of Saturnian discipline to sit at the computer and write on a regular basis, with no incentive other than the love of doing it, or the satisfaction of receiving comments. Carrying adverts might offer monetary gain, but I'd guess this is not substantial, except in the case of a small minority of expert or celebrity bloggers.

All blog topics and styles will have their individual astrological influence, in addition to the parts played by Mercury and Saturn. Politics, the arts and entertainment, religion, travel, pictorial, family, straightforward journal entries about life in general - all will have received a kick-start from some astrological factor in the blogger's chart.

Does this theory work in my own case? I have Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn's influence) and close to the descendant angle giving the planet strength. So far, so good.

I felt most inclined to write about astrology. Sun in 8th house can incline one towards occult interests (astrology is not the occult, but it's in the same ballpark). Mercury in my chart is trine Neptune and Uranus. Neptune inspires creativity, Uranus is said to have links with astrology, so writing about astrology was a good choice for me. I include art, authors, entertainment, politics and travel in my blog from time to time, try to keep topics varied, because my own interests are varied, as befits my "splash" pattern natal chart.

What differentiates the act of writing for one's own amusement, from writing a blog though? Publishing. Only the lucky, rich or very talented are likely to have their words or pictures published for the potential delight (?) of others....unless via blogs.

Jupiter rules publishing, due to the expansive nature of that planet. Publishing = expanding readership. In my own case Jupiter is in Pisces (its traditional home) and very close to the midheaven angle making it strong, and maybe producing an urge to publish?
There are no boundaries, no deadlines in blogging. The blogger is their own boss, editor and censor, which is wonderful for a freedom-lover like myself.

Comments - First two from 2006, third from 2010:

Neat entry! Found you via Jeffrey Kishner's Lunar Tunes blog. I've been blogging away (yes: it's not just an annoying noun, it's also an annoying verb!) for two years now, along with my other writing, and I can support your Mercury / Jupiter thesis. I've got Mercury (in the 9th) opposed Jupiter (in Aquarius) and Saturn, and Aquarius ruling the third house, so I suppose blogging was my destiny. Or my curse. Or something! (April)
April is at

Here comes another confirmation!
I blog on astrology and have Saturn in the third house trine Mercury in the 7th. Jupiter is in the 6th house of Gemini(ruled by Mercury). My ascendant is Sagittarius so that comes into the picture as well. Uranus is in Virgo trine Mercury and opposite Saturn. This explains why I keep rewriting my posts, there is a need to be perfect here.
Bye and keep your blog going!
(Have you considered looking at all the air planets, houses and signs to explain weblogging too? I am writing on a piece from that point of view. Talk to you later)
(Unfortuntely,Miriam's blog is no longer at the address given in 2006).

(My reply)Yes, I'm sure the air signs and houses play a big part in our pastime of blogging, allied with Jupiter the publishing planet - without which we'd just be scribbling in our notepads! I think the air signs/houses give us the itch to write, and communicate, but Jupiter leads us to communicate WIDELY (or at least the hope that hope we do!) :-)

I am a Gemini rising with retrograde Mercury on my IC, just inside the third house. Love writing, love word play. I reckon the moon in Leo in 3rd also makes me a bit of an attention seeker, lol!

Hi Alex ~~~ Ha! Thanks for popping in and commenting on this old post.
Yes, you fit the blogging bill well! I'll resurrect an edited version of the post later this week.


Michelle said...

I'm glad you decided to post this article. I am always interested in knowing the details of why people become astrology bloggers. I think you're right in that blogging requires discipline. You have to be dedicated to write every day or nearly everyday. My blog is almost three months old.

I have Mercury (8th) in partile square to Saturn (11th). Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, Chiron, and Pallas and they, along with the Sun, are all in the 8th house. I also have Uranus in the 3rd.

Wisewebwoman said...

Well you have cast my astrological make-up for me, T., and I feel I was born a writer and put it to sleep in my early twenties and only resumed it publicly in the last 10 years.
I did journal, nearly always. Blogging, to me, is a form of that, so I remain anonymous because of my more public writing and I don't like to censor myself on my blog, though I sometimes do, I admit.
Oh this is funny, word ver is 'missiv', HA!

Twilight said...

Michelle ~~Hi there! I'll pop along to yours in a mo. You have a good blogging hook-up there, with a definite astro-flavour. :-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ I can't access your chart at the moment because it was on my defunct computer, but Himself is working to get the contents copied for me.

Anyone reading your blog would know instantly that writing comes very naturally to you - but not just writing - most can manage that - you have a certain lovely style which I've noticed is peculiar to those with Celtic roots. It's too early for me to decide on an adjective appropriate enough, but lyrical comes to the fore -with no coffee yet imbibed. :-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I started blogging as part of a healing process and after taking a writing class with Donna Cunningham. I discovered, among other things, I had things to say and that people wanted to hear them.That just blew my mind.
I follow your blog regularly, although this is my first comment. As a foreigner myself, I relate to your experience of the United States and enjoy having this external point of view that is different from mainstream.
As for the astrology part, I have Mercury in Pisces, conjunct my Ascendant and making an exact semi-square with my Saturn in Capricorn.

Twilight said...

astrologyunboxed ~ Hi there! nice to 'meet" you ! Thanks for your comment.

I hadn't seen your blog before, probably because I've been cutting down on blog-reading time lately. I'll add it to my links though - it's a good read. :-)

Your Mercury on the ascendant is strong - no wonder you were drawn to writing, and I'd guess that it has helped a lot with the healing process ! :-)