Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scorpio to 2012 via William Lonsdale...

In a few days we'll move from the sign of Scorpio into Sagittarius. As a parting gesture to I'm copying some words from a fascinating book by anthropologer Dr. Richard Grossinger: "The Night Sky". The good doctor is not an astrologer, but he respects astrology's doctrines, it seems, which is a refreshing change from the attitude of most academics.
"Then Scorpio comes in Autumn bearing Antares on its spine, exactly counter the Bull - he is destroyer, resurrector. To Taurus, Scorpio answers, "Nothing is forever". The quintessential Scorpio characteristic is to fall into utter gloom and despair and then, at the moment of greatest hopelessness, to rebound with tremendous energy, to transform everything that was dark into light - but ultimately to descend back into the abyss. (Astrologer William) Lonsdale describes three ways we contact Scorpio:
In the best love experiences we ever have, in the best relations with other we ever have, and in the deepest darkest crannies of our psyche that we've ever explored. ........The world of Scorpio is the solitary individual in a kind of inferior reflective relationship with all of being.....It takes us through total total underworld experiences and then there's a moment where we emerge and we realize that, oh, there's a whole other side, there's a whole other way....."

I'm not familiar with the writings of William Lonsdale, so after typing the above I did a quick Google search.
No information available about the man himself, but curiously I was led to astrologer Molly Hall's blog, to a page where she had listed several quotes from "2012. Crossing the Bridge to the Future" by Mark Borax. In his book Mr. Borax attributes these quotes to astrologer William (aka Ellias) Lonsdale. Molly's post is an interesting read, and moreso because this week the movie "2012" is showing in cinemas, and depicts a quite different version of imagined events of 2012.

I particularly like this snippet from Max Borax's book:

"The Atlanteans knew the great secret that Earth, like the human body, is a fluid medium, awash in tides of electromagnetic force, composed of invisible meridians, energy frequencies that weave together matter and can be manipulated for various purposes. Everything here is energy."

We're awash in tides - I think so too - tides we don't understand, but struggle to do so by using ancient, and what will surely turn out to be crude, astrological tools.

PS: And regarding the other "2012" - we saw it last evening. It wasn't as bad as some reviewers have suggested, it was every bit as scary as expected, like a long white knuckle ride at the fairground. One thing it does is make the world outside seem a whole lot less depressing as you walk out of the cinema after two and a half hours, Adam Lambert's "Time for Miracles" still fresh in mind. It was good to feel the earth solid beneath our feet, all buildings still in place with no tidal wave about to rush over the sleepy Oklahoma landscape. If for no other reason, it's worth seeing "2012" to bring it home that we are lucky, in spite of our individual difficulties and frustrations - but we are fragile. One thing that has to be kept in mind all the way through the movie though: IT'S A PIECE OF FICTION, and doesn't profess to be anything else - especially not a prediction!


Michael Lee said...

It's funny how occasionally gripped I become by one of your digested postings, only to find a different thread that draws my attention... I follow that, then BAM!

Thinking much recently about freewill versus predestination, I get a digest clip on your further ruminations with respect to the "are we human, or are we dancer?" thread, that leads me to your "Scorpio to 2012 via William Lonsdale..." (we are all sensitive to the tugs of the film's come-hithers) and I read this while listening to a (much higher than CD quality) transcription of Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" (actually labeled by my friend as "Diana Krall - Live In Paris (2002) [VINYL] (2009 180g Vinyl ORG Bernie Grundman Pressing, 24bit-96Khz)") and as I get to the comment button to write the thoughts that then and there started fleeing my all too "human" brain, there lies Diana, just beyond the comment button...

The intersection of the Mayan calendar with the astrological/astrophysical end/beginning of a cycle in the heavens is a fitting testament to the teachings of the "annunaki," the "old ones" who apparently knew far more than we have learned through the millennia. Maxwell Igan's "Earth's Forbidden Secrets, Part One, Searching For The Past" is a good starting place for reviewing the evidence of higher orders of lifeforms (or energyforms) flowing in and around our shared history.

The initial, elusive comment that I must now compose or lose forever relates to the essential energy fields that we perceive as matter, the substance of all we think we know. The physical forms that we place so much faith in, our bodies, our world, water, air, and diamonds are all infinitesimal bits of nothing (and they composed of even more infinitesimal bits) kept dancing in our vision by the only real substantial component, the energy! All the molecules, comprised of all the atoms, made up of combinations of constantly spinning atomic particles (protons, electrons, neutrons, etc.) are themselves composed of even smaller sub-atomic particles, to the result that every physical thing we perceive with any of our senses it made of vacuum, a few microns of dust and the energy that gives it its form.

For years in Astronomy we studied the ever so slight aberration of heavenly bodies, using calculations to project the paths of as of yet unseen bodies. There are some closely guarded calculations that seem to support the presence of a "Planet X" or even the Nibiru of ancient and modern stargazers. No less a science dandy than Neil DeGrasse Tyson has made the rounds of the elite pseudo pundits, admitting to the seriousness of the JPL/NASA Near Earth Object (NEO) study, the high probability of total planetary destruction by 2023 and even releasing info about the "Planetary Defense Council." Does this all seem like science fiction? The real fiction is our perception of reality...

Please try to find a copy of the song "Shine" by Anna Nalick! And then continue to shine!

Michael Lee Duttweiler
Covington, Georgia

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for the movie review, T. I may dip my toes in its water and Michael Lee's comment is fascinating and got me spinning off on a surf of my own.....
The interwebz are just bloody amazing, yeah?

Twilight said...

Michael Lee ~~~ Hello there! Many thanks for this intriguing comment, which has given me several directions in which to point myself to find more and new information.

I'm glad my scribblings are of interest - the synchronicity thing follows me around too. I start looking for something on-line and am led in all manner of directions I never intended to travel.... because of coincidence/synchronicity.

Your comment regarding Planet X/Niburu is a little worrying though. I think I heard just the other day, someone from NASA denying the evidence of any such planet. Having seen 2012 (fiction though it is)I'm convinced it's not unlikely that stuff like that could - would - be kept secret from the general public. I still think 2012 will come and go without serious upset, but as for years beyond that- I'm not as confident.

Your 4th paragraph explains things I struggle to grasp very well indeed. I sometimes try to imagine these molecules and smaller elements as though under a gigantic microscope, and try looking at "that person over there", seeing how the teeny-tiny pieces come together using energies of unknown kinds. Where does the energy come from? Never mind deities, myths, legends, religions - fairy tales all of 'em... it's the universe in all its glory doing what it does best.

I shall investigate the books etc. you mention. Thank you, once again, for your kind remarks, and for such thought-provoking input. :-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Do let us know what you think about the movie if you do see it. :-)

And yes indeedy - "bloody amazing" sums it up nicely!