Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creative what?........

Last Saturday evening we went along to the first of this season's programmes at our local theater, it featured an improvisation group from Chicago called "The Second City". We were surprised to find the huge car park full. The theater audience alone couldn't be responsible, we surmised. There must be something else going on at the Recreation Center. As we walked to the entrance a few shadowy figures loitered near parked vehicles in a rather unsettling way. Ghostly and out of place, they were, clad in long robes - quite unlike the garb of yer average Oklahoman.

"I bet they're here to rehearse a nativity play", I whispered.
A couple of characters standing near the lighted entrance certainly looked biblical sporting long white beards and flowing robes. Inside, the foyer was filled with all manner of costumed indviduals. We hurried past, then saw my husband's son-in-law emerging from the theater area.

"What's all this then?"

"Creative Anachronism. They're here for the weekend. "

"Creative what?" asked yours truly.

"It's a kind of re-enactment outfit", whispered the husband - probably embarrassed at my ignorance of these matters, "they re-enact The Renaissance and stuff"

"Huh? How? Exactly what do they do?"

"I don't know".

We proceeded into the theater and I forgot all about The Renaissance while "Second City" a lively quartet of talented artists entertained us with a variety of very modern sketches and improv.

On our way out after the show we passed a couple of kings - we knew this because they were wearing crowns; a regal looking queen, several buxom wenches, and another be-robed white-bearded hermit guy.

"They could easily re-enact The Tarot", I thought to myself."

Pondering on the phenomenon of Creative Anachronism later, I got to wondering what kind of people are drawn to such a hobby. Anachronism = something out of its own time. In astrology time is connected to Saturn, so Saturn ought to feature prominently in the natal charts of members of groups such as this; maybe Saturn in a sign not particularly friendly to Saturn? Or maybe with some square or opposition aspects to the planet, challenging time, as it were. Also Neptune, with its creativity and imagination should be prominent too.

Saturn on the ascendant conjunct Neptune would be a good general description of Creative Anachronism, but unlikely, I guess, to feature in many charts of the hobbyists. Neptune and/or Pisces emphasised in some way would be a good bet though. Imagination and creativity are an absolute necessity if someone aspires to re-enact anything other than their own lifestory.

A little light research threw up the information that, in the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. our state of Oklahoma, along with most of Texas, belongs to the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra.
Who knew?


Wisewebwoman said...

Good lawd, in the wilds of Oklahoma?
BTW I used to work with Second City in Toronto back in the day via the spin off TV show...

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ A wee bit surprising. there are several universities in Oklahaoma, of course and lots in Texas, I'm wondering if the following of this hobby stems from there.

Oh - with Second City? Really?
Interesting! :-)