Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Turn, Mercury, Turn!

I'll be glad to see the end of this Mercury Retrograde stint - not long to wait now. The communications planet will appear to stop, or station, and turn direct on Thursday 19th June, appropriately enough the re-scheduled date of my US citizenship interview. The 10 weeks since my original interview date, when I was sent away due to staff sickness has dragged dreadfully. I've watched members of immigration forums, who applied many months after I did, reporting back on their interviews and oath ceremonies. Some people who applied as late as March of this year are already being interviewed, and I applied in July 2007! It feels as though something has been deliberately holding me back - but why, I have no clue. Everything happens for a reason, they say.

As well as waiting for the interview, the little matter of a refund for a faulty (brand new) computer I had to return to the manufacturer has dragged also. Countless phone calls, promises, promises, but no refund. Eventually, last week, my call to Customer Service was answered by a person who actually seemed interested in my problem. I felt as though I'd hit the jackpot after experiencing several earlier brush-offs. He reviewed the records and expressed amazement and disgust that I was still waiting, after 4 weeks, to be repaid. He rang the "drop-shipper" while I waited and assured me that he will chase up progress. We'll see. There was such a marked difference in the way he approached my problem and the way the other 3 telephone operatives I'd encountered did, that at last I feel slightly optimistic about seeing my $800 again. To date though, still no sign of it.

As Mercury nears its station, I'll give my Mercury video compilation another airing.
It's a collection portraying everything Mercurial with musical clips to match.


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