Monday, June 02, 2008

Hopes fade.....but...

As chances of Senator Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee fade, I feel part disappointed and part optimistic. "The math" is still against her, in spite of her huge win yesterday in Puerto Rico. The Democratic National Committee's ruling on Saturday helped somewhat, while at the same time angering her supporters by what they see as
deliberate preferential treatment towards Barack Obama in the allocation of Michigan's delegates. It does seem that whatever she does now, by however wide a margin she beats Obama, nothing makes much difference. Some say "the fix is in".

Several respected astrologers retain a view that Hillary Clinton will be US president. Perhaps though, depending on how their forecasts were calculated, the predictions could relate to a result of some other, future, election - 2012, for instance.

I've investigated some links to predictions from sources other than astrology. Two psychics have been brave enough, in public, to stand by their vision of a President Hillary Clinton:

#1 Michelle Whitedove, who was the winner of "Psychic Challenge" a fascinating TV programme from last year, has had quite a bit to say, at different stages of this primary race, all listed at this link. In spite of the way things seem to be shaping up she sticks to her original prediction.


#2 The Street Psychic hasn't reversed his prediction of Hillary Clinton as president either.

Then there's the Bible Code, as mentioned in my January blog post HERE.

I'm featuring these now, not because I have any greater confidence in them than in astrology, but more as a matter of interest, comparison and for future reference, should they prove to have been accurate predictions.

I tried my own hand with another question to my tarot deck last night. I still feel a bit gobsmacked about what happened last time. There was a result in my life which matched the cards I drew, but it wasn't related to the question I'd asked which was about Hillary Clinton and the elections.

In the spirit of research last night I asked, "What do I need to know about Hillary Clinton?" (A rather over-broad question, now I come to think of it).

4 of Wands/Rods/Staves
The World
The Emperor

Those are three positive cards, the second and third from the Major Arcana.

4 of Wands
is a lovely card to find in any spread, it represents harmony, refinement, happiness, peacefulness - that kind of feeling.

The World - I've drawn this card before in relation to Senator Clinton. It signfies, among other things, a completion, which is appropriate now because after tomorrow the primary elections will be completed. To me it says there will be a good, positive conclusion to her strivings.

The Emperor - another from the Major Arcana. Before we jump to any conclusion about gender, I'll add that The Empress card has a very different meaning, so although The Emperor illustration is masculine, as I see it, this card could apply to either male or female, depending on context. It relates to an authority figure - comparable to Saturn in astrology. Because such figures in the past were almost always male, the card has masculinity as one of its keywords. Tarot Teachings interprets the card as follows:

"The father figure of the Tarot deck, the Emperor Tarot card meanings are all about advice, widsom, authority, and grounding. Take a moment to observe the Emperor card. It becomes apparent that this is a character who has been there, done that, and has the battle armor to prove it. The Emperor has obtained his wisdom through experience. He's been through the wars, he's ruled his people wisely, and he's experienced all life can throw at him. What better source for advice than a battle-tested, thoughtful, strategic ruler? "

Remind you of anybody?

There are always several ways to interpret a tarot spread, and this is where the reader's own intuition comes in - my own feeling, as I first saw the cards, was very positive. My initial thought was not - "The Emperor must be Barack Obama", I thought that the three positive cards together can only equal success. There is no disappointment or negativity implied by the cards.

As I tell myself, all the time, "it ain't over 'til it's over". And whatever happens next, Senator Hillary Clinton is not going to walk away, head bowed, disappointed.

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." (Dale Carnegie)


Wisewebwoman said...

Right to the end our girl goes, what a fighter, T.
I get an awful sinking feeling tho about The Precious (as Anglachel calls him). The sabres are rattling and his nasty associates are coming to the surface and the MSM are poised to rip him with their AK47s.
Worse times ahead is my prediction!

anthonynorth said...

Well, I for one predicted it would go right to the finish. A valiant fight, and who knows what could happen yet.

Anonymous said...

I hope she wins both contests tommorow.

Twilight said...

WWW, AN and Anonymous

Hi Y'all!

Thanks for popping in to comment.
I'm hoping HRC will win S.Dakota with another wide margin, and keep the margin in Montana narrow.

It's said she already leads the popular vote, which though it isn't the deciding factor simply HAS to count for something. She won't walk away from this, while there's a way to keep fighting.

She'll probably suspend her campaign and not concede, so that she's still available should anything nasty come out of the woodwork for BO. And that is a distinct possibility. Lots of time still to passs before August, and the nominee isn't official until then.

MrsLilypond said...

I live in Michigan, and I honestly don't believe Obama received special treatment in dividing up our delegates. You see when we had our primary (and f***d up by having it early imo) the Michiganders that supported Obama , were encouraged to vote uncommitted, that ended being 40% of the vote. The way, the DNC split up the delegates seems fair in my opinion

Twilight said...

Hi Mrs Lilypond

Yes, I realise there's more than one way of looking at it, and it was a difficult decision the DNC had to make - no solution would have pleased all. But all the uncommited votes were not necessarily for Obama, and DNC didn't deduct a small proportion to cover that aspect (that was how I saw it as seeming to be a little unfair). Then they took 4 delegates from HRC and gave them to BO - which made no sense at all to me.

As you say, it was f...ed up from the start, so it was virtually impossible to unf... it on Saturday. :-)

MrsLilypond said...

I can see that, the better solution would have been to give HC 55% of the delegates, & Obama 40%, following the totals from the primary. I realize that not everyone who voted Uncommitted was for Obama, but with Edwards & Richardson endorsing him, it seems proper to let him have the entire uncommitted share.

I'm going to throw a bloody fit If MI tries the early primary stunt again,next time around.

Twilight said...

Hmmmm - yes, I take your point about Edwards/Richardson, Mrs. L

It seems to me that it'd be fairer for all concerned if all primaries were held very close to each other, within a week or so, perhaps or better still - all on the same date, after the candidates had had a period of campaigning throughout the country.

After this year's problems perhaps they'll at least try to improve the rules and regulations governing primaries.

seabiscuit said...

FYI - there is a post concession speech new "election update" by the psychic Michelle Whitedove at
She is still sticking to(and elaborating on) her original prediction ...

Twilight said...

Oh - thank you for alerting me to that, seabiscuit! :-)

That's encouraging - though I hope her vision doesn't refer to 2012 as she mentions at the end of the upsdate.