Thursday, June 26, 2008

America's Talent judged by....

The past couple of Tuesday evenings have seen us in front of the TV, amused by America's Got Talent. I say amused rather than entertained because the two two-hour shows have covered auditions in various cities, the proportion of acts worthy of the word "entertain", even for the least demanding of viewers, was very, very small. I've spotted only two acts likely to survive to the final so far.

Just for fun I'm taking a brief look at natal charts of the three judges: Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff. Why it was deemed necessary to have two Brits judging the standard of American talent I haven't yet fathomed - it does seem particularly odd. Still.....

Sharon Osbourne 9 October 1952 London, England. (No time known)

David Hasselhoff 21 July 1952 , Baltimore Corner, Maryland, at 6.20am (Astrotheme's time)

Piers Morgan 20 March 1965, Newick, East Sussex, England (No time known).

The triple chart below is for comparison of planetary positions only. (Centre is Morgan's chart, middle ring Osbourne's, outer ring Hasselhoff's)

Osbourne and Hasselhoff were born in the same year, she in October, he in July, so they share some outer planetary positions, he has Sun in Cancer with clusters in both Cancer and Leo, around the Leo ascendant. She has a cluster in Libra. Morgan, a Sun Aries born 13 years later, oddly has natal Jupiter in a very similar position to the two other judges: in Taurus. Lining up their natal charts, Jupiter (coloured bright blue) can be seen at 17, 19 and 25 degrees of Taurus. Not sure whether this is of any significance but I thought it worth a mention.

Originally I'd intended featuring just Sharon Osbourne and her natal chart today, but Google sent me to another astrology blogger's website, Collaborate With Fate, where, last year, Osbourne's chart had already been discussed in some detail. The impression I'm getting of Ms Osbourne doesn't quite match the one described there, however, but then I've not seen much of her. She so far has appeared typically Libran - always encouraging, charming and helpful to the contestants - playing "good cop" to Piers Morgan's "bad cop". This, of course is nothing but an act, someone doing a job, it doesn't necessarily relate to the real Sharon at all.

I talked about Piers Morgan myself in a blog post some time back (HERE) - not one of my favourite people!

David Hasselhoff comes over as a sweetie. The press regularly ridicules and maligns him, but I've come to realise that one shouldn't take any notice of the USA media, "form your own judgment and stick to it", is my motto. I warm to Hasselhoff. I remember him from Bay Watch with affection - all fluff and bubble gum, but the show used to fill an hour's viewing pleasantly enough, back in the day. I like the guy, he seems genuine. He blends the sensitivity of Cancer with Leo's ebullient nature, and it's a good combination in my book. I used to have a couple of friends with charts similar to his, they could both be ultra sensitive, disconcertingly so at times, but both were such fun and genuinely kind souls.

One similarity between the three judges' charts, apart from Jupiter in Taurus, is the fact that in each case Saturn (coloured grey above) is close to another planet. Osbourne has Sun conjunct Saturn. Morgan has Moon close to Saturn (we don't have a birth time, so exact degree of the Moon is uncertain, but the two bodies are going to be close whatever time he was born). Hasselhoff's natal Saturn is ten degrees from Neptune. Nothing spectacular, but something about which I'll make a mental note. Maybe when restrictive law-driven Saturn lies close to another planet its strength is intensified and a penchant for being judgmental could be one result of this - just a thought. My husband has Saturn conjunct Mercury and he....shhhh!


anthonynorth said...

Do you want to keep Piers over there? Go on, I know you want to? :-)

We've recently had Britain's Got Talent over here, every night. Drove me mad looking for alternatives. It seems to me people get more fun out of public ritual humiliation than real talent.

Twilight said...

Very kind offer, AN, but I think we'll decline. ;-)

Every night!....Ye gods! At least here it's only once a week.

Ritual humiliation has always been in vogue hasn't it - think of medaeval villagers throwing rotten veggies at a poor unfortunate in the town's stocks - this is a 21st century version, I guess. :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Do you remember the Gong Show, T?
Way back in the day. I used to cringe. I don't think I could ever put myself through such public derision.
It's a shame but all I can ever think of Hasselhoff now is the U-Tube of him drunk on the floor and his little girl hysterical trying to get him up.
Utube can destroy memories. Or displace them.

Twilight said...

No, The Gong Show doesn't ring a bell WWW. The talent show I remember best from way back when in the UK was the one hosted by Hughie Green (a Canadian I think)- I don't remember the name of the show though. It was pretty tame by today's standards, and not much derision involved as I recall.

Shucks - no I haven't seen the YouTube of Hasselhoff's disgrace, WWW. I shall avoid looking for it - I'll keep my fantasy version for now, otherwise who am I left with to drool over? They're nearly all either dead or past it!

Apologies to RJ, AN, TNPOTUS, anyjazz, and assorted astrologers - but much as I love y'all you ain't exactly beefcake drooling material (as far as I know). :-D